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    Let's use this post to consolidate all the reporting of bugs and requests for enhancements.

    Also, please note which version (PC, XBox, DS, or PSP) you're using.

    Right now, here are the issues/requests I know for the Windows version:
    • Issue installing Version 1.02 patch on non-English versions of Windows

    • Issue with Ratings where your rating always decreases, but never increases

    • Issue with CM constantly using 100% of CPU.

    • Request: Add option to control anti-aliasing from within CM 11.
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    Drills lock up after trying to load the 2nd one. Although I haven't tried it in a bit, but I don't think there have been any updates since. Btw, I hope someone from UBI contacted you, because when I tried to report a bug they just gave me scripted responses. After I asked where to report bugs they just closed it as 'resolved.'
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    First of all: Great work on the chess personalities, graphics and overall playability. I really enjoy this chess program!


    - The installation procedure should allow adding components, such as the voice files, after the initial install. Now, I have to uninstall the entire game, and reinstall to get the voice files on hard disk. Or don't I?

    - Only pause tutorials for three reasons: input required by the user (what move would you play?); take time to think about a position; explicit 'pause' by the user. So don't stop after every sentence or section for no reason at all, making me do 90 clicks in a 10m tutorial. That's more than actually playing a game!

    - Allow selective disabling of all sound, videos and animation during startup(!!) and play from within CM itself. Also, setting NoAudio=1 in cm.ini doesn't work; it even gets reset to 0! (I am unable to get rid of the loud sound - and the sound IS loud - when the board rotates into view right after the intro movie. Deleting the used sound file is such an ugly solution)

    - Menus for sound and graphics should be available from the startup screen (board with three buttons underneath it).

    - In training, allow the user to select an opening for the computer personality to play. Also, it should be possible to preempt the computer's move if you want to check out a certain line of play.
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    Originally posted by HetMes:
    The problem:

    When listening to f.i. Waitzkin's comments in the learning section of CM, unless I pause playback myself, the sound stops when the CM window loses focus and doesn't return until I replay a particular section or continue to the next. And some sections don't even allow me to pause. So I cannot listen to the Josh' comments and at the same time write an email or something. Since I am a multitasker, this annoys me quite a bit.

    This behaviour is really counterintuitive!

    The solution:

    At least auto-pause and auto-continue if CM is unable to play sound while not having the focus.
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    Another useful training function would be to have visual feedback on the scores of played moves and current moves. Something like the game chart, extended with a fan of nodes that display current possible moves. These nodes would be moving as the engine calculates deeper

    This has a number of useful aspects:
    1. Easy to see that there is a single good move to play, without immediately knowing about the move
    2. Instant overview of how the game is and has been progressing

    Further functionality would include jumping to a position when clicking a node to see if I can find the move afterwards.

    Also, you have obviously chosen to value checkmate by (-)100.00, but in the game chart, this skews the graph too much. 25.00 - 30.00 would be a good value (for displaying in the game chart of course) , since there are very few positions having that score for which the engine does not find a mating attack.
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    Annotation with the tactic puzzle drills, We like working with the pin, fork, hung piece, mate in two...etc. Can we also add as many other tactics as we can; like, deflection, skewer, removing the guard, the overworked piece, discovered attack, double attack, the "in between" move, find the weak squares and more. The more the better. Also, when playing human vs. human can we have the board flip sides automatically after every move?
    Also, make it so that any version of Chessmaster can play online with all other versions by updating past version's online. Which will have more people online. Thank you.
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    Just a note:

    CM11 works fine on my laptop using a pentium and XP, but on my desktop AMD and XP - it had minor problems (like game freeze). Also, we should work on a patch for game.exe, set to high priority, for those that have had the freeze problem. I'll look into it.
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    I would add the problems with diagrams in the PC version. In auto-annotation, the diagrams that CM inserts do not display properly. Likewise, when I try to print out a diagram, it comes out all jumbled just as in the auto-annotation.
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    CM is a good SW to learn and improve chess playing. CM XI is only a little step forward than X edition. A missing tool is, in my opinion, the possibility of obtain the post-game analysis after closing the game. This feature is a must in a serious analysis of own games, i.e. lost ones.
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    A missing tool is, in my opinion, the possibility of obtain the post-game analysis after closing the game. This feature is a must in a serious analysis of own games, i.e. lost ones.
    You mean the ability to revisit the auto-annotation after the initial session? Just save the game after you are done annotating it. I have all my games saved with any annotation by me or the PC.
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