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    The mastery quiz "Honing Your Skills" page 53 of 82 is a monster knight quiz. The following solution is correct, but the game will not accept it.

    E2, F4, G6, H4, F3, G2, E4, D6, C4, B2, D3, E5, C6, A7, B5, D4.

    The game should accept all possible correct solutions. I searched the forums and found mention of alternate solutions for this puzzle, but I did not find mention of it in this bug reporting forum... hence my post.

    The game is great... cheers.
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    Some useful options:

    - A shortcut button to switch to training mode immediately after playing a rated game. It's too much hassle right now (at least 10 clicks vs perhaps 1). Also, reverse the order in which rated games are displayed, since users will almost always want to review their later games, not earlier games. Should be a simple List.Insert(0, pgnItem) instead of a List.Append(pgnItem) or something.

    - I'd like my player statistics to only reflect rated games. The 'offline opponents' list f.i, also includes training games. Why?! Just keep separate records. And as mentioned earlier, create an 'export player' menu item which creates a simple XML thingy.
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    - A shortcut button to switch to training mode immediately after playing a rated game.
    It already exists (bottom left corner). And to load the game, you just have to click "copy from - ranked play".

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    Originally posted by Tracksupr1:
    Three things I would like to see
    1 tournaments with more than 128 players
    2 when auto results are used for AI players they be accurate due to ratings in most cases
    3 The USCF has had computerized pairing program for 30 years why can't UBI get it right
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    2. Focus on functionality rather than appearance. In CM9000, you could be in a game within 5 seconds of starting the program. In CM11, the buttons aren't even labeled. Perhaps a "Retro" skin with a GUI like CM9000. (Other suggestions retracted. Thanks KHollister)

    3. As another user suggested, it would be nice if you could match any chess set with any board. A low priority. But really, no one plays with the 3d pieces. It would be cool to put flat pieces on a 3d board, like in CM9000. Or put the House of Staunton pieces on a something more interesting than plain wood.
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    Originally posted by triplesick:
    1. MAKE CHESSMASTER 12 MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE WITH CHESSMASTER 11!! and perhaps update the protocol for CM 10 while you're at it.

    2. Focus on functionality rather than appearance. In CM9000, you could be in a game within 5 seconds of starting the program. In CM11, the buttons aren't even labeled. In CM11, you cannot use the "set up position" option from within a practice game. In CM11, you cannot go directly from the game room to the classroom (you have to go back to the main menu first, whereas CM9000 had a link along the side).
    Hopefully Online Play in future versions will be backwards compatible with Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition. However, there will be no more updates for Chessmaster 10th Edition.

    Some comments about your functionality concerns:

    1. Labels for the buttons appear when you hover over them.

    2. You don't use "Set up Position" within Training Mode... you continue your training game there after setting up the board.

    3. You can go directly from Training Mode or Ranked Play to the various Learning areas... you have to use the Navigation Bar buttons (see page 8 of the user manual). Click the Up arrow on the bottom left hand corner of the screen (above the Main menu icon), until you see icons for various options for the "Learn" area (Academy, Famous Games, Database, Openings). Naturally, if you're in the middle of a rated game, you will be asked if you'd like to adjourn the game.
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    Originally posted by Larry1015:

    Couple of bugs/problems I have noticed when going online....most of the time, I am unable to initially join someones game unless I set another game up and then double click their name on the online list of players. The lobby chat feature isn't working (at least for me it isn't). Typically when I leave a table after playing, the system logs me completely out then back on again?

    Enhancement suggestion might be to not only show me in statistics the different openings I have played, but maybe how I fair (w-t-l). This would be helpful in identifying strengths/weaknesses in how I do in closed/open games, gambits, etc. Thanks
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    Greatly appreciated, KHollister! I never noticed the little arrow before. I fully intend to click on it on a future occasion.

    To some degree, however, I stick to my request. At least there should be a "Retro" skin or something that makes the GUI look like old school Chessmaster, with everything labeled and out in the open.
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    Originally posted by ITF1808:

    I would like to give some suggestions regarding (next) Chessmaster. I play Chessmaster not only for fun but to really learn the game. So, I am very interested in more detailed analysis of my games. For example, I have about 500 rated games and it would be really interesting and USEFULL if Chessmaster could determine (create) my chess profile based on those rated games (openings, strength of play, attack-defense, control of center, random moves, positional-material etc. etc.).

    Why would this be usefull? Well, through time I could see how do I develop as a chess player, what aspect of my game is more-less developed and where do I need to focus more. In fact, Chessmaster could give his own conclusion about my game profile and give me advice or so..

    I know that this kind of analysis would take even for a few hours, but even so I would be more than happy to see it. I’m also a professional C++ programmer and therefore I believe that this wouldn’t be too much of a problem to implement because it’s all about collecting and analyzing statistic data (after each rated game key data could automatically store and therefore provide immediate profile update of my chess profile – no need to analyze all games from the beginning).

    Also, i'm looking forward to see more and more learning materials in next Chessmaster.

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    I would like to ask that a future version allow me an option wherein I could ask that the personality pause the game after they have made a move.

    This should ideally be togglable whilst still playing a game.

    This would allow me to allocate large amounts of time to the computer in order that it come up with it's best move and be able to walk away whilst it does this and be able to come back without having lost all my own time and hence the game.

    Thanks for your consideration.
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