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    It's almost nothing, but... I would love to see the ability to mix any set chess with any board back to CM.
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to add Capablanca Random Chess variant in the next version of Chessmaster.

    Here is s program that supports this variant. I'm hoping that Chessmaster can do the same.

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    Some people have noted that Chessmaster X does not have the ability to create an opening book from a PGN file (as in Chessmaster 9000). Perhaps we could have this back?
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    I bought this game (Chessmaster) on the xbox live arcade. At first message chess worked fine, but now when I try to view my inbox it says "Loading" and shows the spinning loading symbol indefinitely. It is not the xbox freezing, because I can still back out with B, or sign out via the xbox guide (the button in the center of the controller). It's pretty annoying, seeing as how message chess was my favorite match type, when it worked. If you could come out with a patch to fix this, that would be great, thanks.
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    Originally posted by Vector.ca:
    I would like a back up, restore feature, for all your individual configuration settings, screen layouts, adjourned games, Academy history, user data, etc to another drive partition and/or a memory stick, for safe keeping. This way if your OS or hard drive failed you could quickly re-install all saved games and tutorials after the problem was fixed. An import/export feature or backup would really be appreciated. All from the game, menu system. This is the PC software version of CM I am discussing.
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    Originally posted by thedarkone11983:

    Please, make it possible to play through the Chessbase-format ebooks - by everymanchess, chesscentral, etc. - on CM!
    I also think it would be very useful to combine the score and the analysis windows!
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    I am thrilled to see that you are aware of the ratings issue--my rating always goes down, but never goes up. My question is this: Does anyone know if this problem is being addressed with a patch anytime soon?

    I contacted technical support by email and phone, and they completely ignored me, once even saying it was not even a technical support problem but an "in-game" issue? WHAT? lol!

    Any info/help anybody can provide on this would be greatly appreciated. (I use a PC, Windows Vista 32 bit.)
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    Originally posted by sirofa:

    Please translate Chessmaster XI to Brazilian Portuguese...
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    I'm encountering problems related to the Swiss System in the program. The majority of times, the program will make seemingly RANDOM pairings instead of the proper ones. For example, a player with a score of 5.0/5 will face someone with a score of 2.0/5 instead of the ones at 4.0 or 4.5 And whenever I exit & re-load the tournament, the pairings continue to be randomized.

    How can this problem be fixed?
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    Yes, once you start a swiss tournament you should go through with it. Once you interrupt it it starts making strange pairings (it even pairs up players that had already played). This has been so at least since Chessmaster 8000, so I wouldn't hold my breath
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