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    Tempted by the Corgi's.......better not, I'm in enough trouble already.

    Seen this Sec'?
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    I just started a little diecast collection recently myself...I have the B-26 "flak bait"
    P-51D "big beautiful doll"
    Spit mk V in dieppe stripes....

    Now for a fw, 109 and Jug!
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Grey_Mouser67:
    I just started a little diecast collection recently myself...I have the B-26 "flak bait"
    P-51D "big beautiful doll"
    Spit mk V in dieppe stripes....

    Now for a fw, 109 and Jug! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    (all Corgi)
    Al Deere's Spit 1, 1/32nd
    Bader's Spit 2, 1/32nd

    in 1/72nd:-
    Spit M1 Brian Lane
    Spit Mk1 Nightfighter
    Spit Vb Paddy Finucane
    Spit Vc Clive Caldwell, Aussie colours
    Spit Vc USAAF 5th FS
    Mossie PRXVI USAAF
    P-40 Kittyhawk RAF

    Always on the lookout for Spits - haven't got the invasion stripes yet......not too popular at home as I'm winning the battle for ornament space at the moment
    Tempted by Lancs, Wellies and Hurri's....and hoping for a Whirlwind, but not holding my breath.
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    L_F...If I can remember where the site was your Whirlwind is as good as in your hands

    For a mere 60-100 they will make you any aircraft, to scale (1/72-1/48) painted or 'natural' wood finish with stand... All you need do is send them the plans

    I keep toying with the idea myself, but seem to have controled myself so far...

    Did you see the Beaufighter control stick made into a shooting stick, they've cut the thing in half and put a hinge in place, but the firing button is missing. To think something used to control a classic A/C as the Beaufighter is now something to rest your *** on...

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    Nice idea with the stick - don't get much shooting practice nowadays.....not since those chavs over the road moved away

    Custom made Whirly.....hmmmmm, tempting......it must be a joy for others to behold our admirable British self-control.
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    €˜What is it now Torchy I€m busy, listen€¦ I don€t care what you could do with the lighting in the bathroom, it€s my place, not yours, so just let it alone.

    Anyway, when are you and Twizzle going to get you own place? Your stay of welcome has long past its sell by date!

    Really€¦ Well let me say this, I€m getting some funny looks from the neighbours recently and its due to you and Twizzles shenanigan€s with next doors washing€¦ Don€t give me that, only Twizzle could reach up there and what in Gods teeth were you thinking of with all that underwear€¦

    No, it is not only me; you and Twizzle will be in for it, when Greenie gets back from the annual €˜Best Budgie Fest€ this evening. I don€t think he will take to kindly to you two making set props for your TV comeback, with his €˜Special Oriental€ cuttlefish selection?

    I don€t have time to listen to your inane dribble now, so shut the door on your €˜Bang€€¦ Way out!

    Typical€¦ Ingrates€¦ Bloody puppets€¦ Sighs€¦

    L_F, here are some of the sites I€ve found that make model aircraft to order€¦ They all have one thing in common, well two actually€¦ 1. Their too expensive and 2. Their all ****€¦

    Take alook:





    Tochy Email€¦ Nothing at the moment, as I€ve had a busy week so far and have not been inclined to get the drawings up to scratch to send for his perusal. Will try to get my act together this evening€¦Promise
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