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    In the controls menu theres auto pilot and level stablizer controls.
    I mapped both keys but then i hit level stabilizer it says autopilot automation on and the level stab doesn't work.
    What i'm i doing wrong here?
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    Level stabilizer does not work on all planes.

    In general it will work on bombers.

    Not all planes have the same options available.

    Get IL-2 Wingman by CPS_Shadow from M4T. It's a really great utility that has lots of information in a very compact container. A must-have for every IL-2 fan IMHO.
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    right, im trying to level bomb im trying in all the bombers but it doesn't work in any bombers
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    IIRC, the controls section is badly worded.

    There are two assignments which look like they're for level stabiliser: toggle level stabiliser, and toggle level autopilot (in completely different sections probably).

    You've probably assigned a key for the wrong one, which really turns the gunners on and off.

    Just find the other one which looks right, and assign a key to that instead, then try it.

    Sorry for the vague explanation...
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    Level Stabilizer - found in the primary flight controls section at the top of the controls screen, this control sets level flight on medium heavy bombers equipped with a level bombing bombsight in the bombardier position.

    Toggle Level Autopilot - found in the MISC controls section near the bottom of the controls screen next to the autopilot control, this control switches autopilot automation on/off. When on, autopilot will automatically turn on for any crew position you leave and turn off for any crew position you occupy. When autopilot automation is off, you must manually turn on autopilot before leaving a crew position if you want the crewman in that position to act automatically and turn off autopilot in any crew position you occupy if you want to be able to control the gun/bombsight/aircraft as applicable.
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    trying to level bomb im trying in all the bombers but it doesn't work in any bombers
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