Contrails are like beacons announcing your presence. I like to fly just below the contrail layer. It makes me harder to spot at any distance beyond close.

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One word: discipline.

Also avoid the airquake servers that have all the helps on if you're planning to learn things further than very basics... They dont teach much. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>


I've flown with external cam and used the external targeting wayyyy too much. It's a major hindrance now that I'm attempting to move to in cockpit only. Crutches are great if you're injured, and maybe when you're literally just learning to fly, but once you get a good handle on the where's and hows of flight, crutches are bad and hold you back.

Find someone like minded and fly together. Remember that real world tactics work in this sim for a reason. Don't go lone wolf, few did in WWII, and those few were either really, really good, or didn't live long, or both.


+1 for "use your imagination". The guides out there are great, but remember, those with formal training are predictable, if you all get the same training (example: U.S. civil war). Your object is not to be predictable. Arguably, this means "don't get formal training". There's a great book I read years ago called Knight Hawk by Pat O'Connell, that, while fiction, illustrates this point well. An F-15 gets stolen from an alert pad by a pilot with many hours pilot training but no formal combat training, and she walks all over the formally trained pilots that go after her. Good example of why you may not want to follow "THE RULES" as "THE RULES" believe it or not, are not written in stone. Use your imagination. Do something completely unexpected, become unpredictable, and you will create opportunities for yourself that would not otherwise appear. The next part of that is to take those opportunities and use them to their fullest potential... rather than getting suckered into fighting your enemy's fight (again). It happens to us all, and that's where discipline comes in. You may want to haul off after your target, but in some cases, you simply can't if you expect to live to tell about it.