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    HI everyone.
    I have IL2 Forgotten battles and Battle over Europe installed on my machine,as well as the original IL2.
    I have Pacific Fighters on order and wondered from your experiences which seems to run better.PF as an add-on or PF as a standalone(and does it make any difference in the game having it as an add-on or standalone).Also if I run it as an add-on do I need Aces Exp Pack installed as well.
    I have also downloaded the Patch 3.03 for PF but have noticed there seems to be alot of discrepancies regarding it running correctly.Is it worthwhile installing this patch once I have installed PF??

    Thanks in advance for your help chaps.

    And remember once you have successfully parachuted from your stricken plane,landed and brought your chute back to the mess,you can be in the Caterpillar club.

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    Tully__'s Avatar Global Moderator
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    To run PF as add-on, you need Ace Expansion Pack.

    I have it installed as add-on and as standalone. So far I've seen no differences except for the much larger number of aircraft types flyable in the merged (add-on) version.
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    Ok.great stuff thanks
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    Like Tully said you need AEP for a merged install.

    That's how I did it and prefer it. More options that way. IMO stand alone is a bit limiting, but then that's me.

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    Could you expand on the "more options" and the larger selection of aircraft?

    Also, if I only have the vanilla IL2 FB, is it worth it to get Ace along with PF, or should I just go with PF?
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    Yes it is worth it. By more options he means planes and maps that arent in the standalone PF. You will need the Aces Expansion and I suggest that you uninstall FB and BoE then reinstall FB,Aces,BoE,PF then patch 3.03 for the merged install. You wont be sorry.
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    Also, if you want to multiplay, most servers run FB+AEP+PF merged install.
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    love the last comment ckur haha!

    Caterpillar Club, I sayd definitely get the merged version of PF, especially if youre an onliner, because there are no PF servers up at the moment.
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