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    Read this and sign it: http://www.thepetitionsite.com...-future-of-PC-games/

    Thank you for all of you who have taken your time to read and sign this.
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    I'm sorry friend, but surely you must know the attitude of Ubisoft toward PC gamers. I won't go into detail if you don't, because it makes me furious, but let's just say that if you are a PC gamer your complaints are not heard.

    Actually, that's not true, they are heard - they're just thrown in the basket with all the others.
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    I'm going to move this here-
    Assassin's Creed & ACR General Discussion [PC]

    You might want to check out this Topic where it says
    Temporary broadband connection required for one-time product registration at first launch, permanent broadband connection required for multi-player.
    But of course you need to be connected to play Multi-player.
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    Gonna sign, i'd rather have always on DRM then no more Ubisoft games, i'm already missing out on Rayman Origins, i don't want to miss out on AC3 and all other AC's
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    I'm not a pc gamer, but I know how Ubisoft has been treating pc players. And as a gamer, I signed so that pc players can play games that the consoles have.

    I really hope the pc gamers have their voices heard!
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    I will say it again...

    "Dear" ubisoft, after you will finish assassin's creed serie i will never more buy any game released by you. Your politics about releasing, protecting and "supporting" pc games are unacceptable. You do not deserve for my money and as you are saying since some time my money for you are bad. I'm ok with that. I will buy assassin's creed 3 (if you will release it for pc), i will buy any another assassin's creed if you will release it for pc but i will not buy any other game from you.
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    Not signing that garbage. Yeah...let me sign all my rights away. Good idea.

    The petition is irrelevant anyway -- the online DRM does NOT stop piracy. All AC games have been pirated. All of them will continue to be pirated. The console versions have been pirated. They will continue to be pirated. If people want to hack the game, they will. You won't stop them. Those of us who are willing to pay for the game, will pay for it. Those who aren't, won't. That's the way it is with both console and PC versions.
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    ... Erm. The always-on DRM doesn't stop piracy, it just serves to inconvenience legit buyers of the games. Pirates just remove the DRM restrictions, anyway.

    Personally, if they put back the always-on DRM on AC, I'll stop buying it. AC2 was bad enough.
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    I'm sorry, but despite being a PC gamer, I am not signing this petition.

    The cancellation of pre-orders, IMHO, has very little to do with the appearance of a cracked version of the game, and everything to do with Ubisoft's appalling customer service.

    Maybe if Ubisoft hadn't called PC gamers "people who just whine and *****", people wouldn't be cancelling their pre-orders.

    Aggressive DRMs are not the way to go here. There are different and better ways to reduce the amount of piracy of your products. Here is a post you might find interesting:

    Piracy is a "Non-Issue" to Valve
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    I know that what i'm saying now will cost much more money to ubisoft then what

    Ubisoft is taking 50€/copy in pc for the Multiplayer, it's just STUPID.

    This game was never meant to be multiplayer and now, those who buy the game are just buying the multiplayer? Are you kidding your customers Ubisoft?

    Oh, and i'm not a console player, i would even be more upset if i knew the singleplayer is totally free for PC but i have to pay in my console to play the singleplayer, it's totally STUPID.

    I'm going to buy this game cuz i loved it (yes i've already played the main story in pc) but i think ubisoft should think more carefully about their decisions...

    Suggestion: Make DRM as hidden as the models, textures, etc, etc... Assassin's Creed was always sucessfull against modders, why can't u be sucessfull against pirates? Both modders and pirates uses the same methods to change ur game.

    <span class="ev_code_RED">Directing other players on where and how to download a Pirated copy of a game is a violation of the Forum Rules and ToU.</span>
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