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    Been playing it for two days now. Maybe we can get some sort of compilation of the good and the bad.

    Good (great actually),

    -New planes (Is this ever bad? )
    -Carriers (Love the detail, and multiple planes on decks at once, maybe soon I can actually land on one
    -Dynamic Campaign seems to have much potential (Maybe, we'll see)
    -Flight models (overall good, although that ****ed problem of never having flown a world war 2 era fighter before to be able to comment on historical accuracy)


    -******ed AI (What happened to ace A65M smoking my ***? )
    -Some maps are disapointing (Pearl/Oahu brings back memories...problem is that it is of my home town, nice place but you wouldn't want to Honeymoon there)
    -Haven't really notice the improved damage effects yet (Betty's burn for hours without enging failure or explosion...should go up like a tinder box..no?)

    Anyone else?
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    Dunno about what you say about the Betty's, they seem to burn up real easy to me. Once they are on fire (or black smoke) they are going down sooner or later.
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    I found the kates harder to down than the Betty.

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    What are you talking about, Kate was a cynch to go down on.

    Oh.. n/m.
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