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    need a crack fix for door bug

    i'm stuck in front of a door at the palace in the game because of the door doesn't open.so i need a crack fix.please help me?
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    HELP PLEASE !!! Links not working

    Please someone share links for the saved game files....I am stuck at the door bug.


    Originally Posted by Grafferu Go to original post
    First off I put together this thread for the people who're getting stuck in various parts of the game, so they won't have to start new threads asking for help, or abandoning their game.
    Secondly, I did it for the people who just want to replay different levels of the game, as we all know there's no going back to a previous level in TFS.
    Now, these saves are in chronological order, taken from certain key points in the game:

    The Works
    After the fight with the first Elephant creature, where you get stuck on the balcony.
    The Prison
    The Sewers pt.1
    The Sewers pt. 2
    The Baths
    The Baths 2
    Outside the Palace
    Going to the Throne Room
    Outside the Astrolabe
    After the fight with Ratash
    After getting the Aerial Dash
    Before the Terrace Puzzle
    After the Terrace Puzzle
    The Gardens
    The Aqueducts
    Before the Djinn City Puzzle
    Rekem pt. 1
    Rekem pt.2
    Before the Sacred Fountain
    Solomon's Hall
    Climbing the King's Tower
    The Palace in the sandstorm
    After fighting the 3 summoners
    Towards the Final Climb
    Final Battle

    For those of you who don't know where to put the save, you need to find your saves folder on your PC. It may be a hidden folder, so adjust your Windows settings in order to see the hidden folders too.
    If you're using Windows 7 it may be somewhere in C:\Users\*your pc name*\AppData\Local\storage\
    If you're using Windows XP it may be somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\*your pc name*\Local Settings\Application Data\storage\
    Or you can just run a search for the word "save" but be sure to check that box which allows your Windows to search through the hidden folders too.


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    not working downloads

    Originally Posted by Grafferu Go to original post
    The download link is working people.

    I just checked it right now, it has 125515 downloads since last December, so that just prove a lot of people were downloading these files.

    But just to be safe, I added a second download link to another hosting site.

    I downloaded both the files but both dont work.
    i checked the size of the file and its 0 bytes
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    Download links not working

    i tried to open both links, but none of them exists. Please update the links
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