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    I've heard some great things about this program, anyone know where I can find it?
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    Try here:

    under f. battles/AEP - utilitaires
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    What is that brogram. What that do.
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    You can get it here:


    Its a mouse emulator for your HAT switch.

    I wouldn't fly without it.
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    > its a mouse emulator for your HAT switch.

    That's what most use it for I guess, but its actually a 'TrackIR emulator'. It consists of a dynamic link library (dll) file (that fools FB into thinking you've got a TrackIR device), and a small program to configure the dll.

    Being a TrackIR emulator, it's much more powerful than simply having mouse-like panning on your hat switch. For instance, I use two joysticks, and I can use the second stick for looking around (amongst other things); a very intuative and cool method if you don't want to buy TrackIR.

    But I found the small program is a bit buggy though, with regard to saving changes. A lot of the time you have to open the ini file and make changes manually. Apart from that, its probably the best thing for FB that I downloaded (with respect to improving gameplay, anyway).
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    NewView is a great little utility that emulates TrackIR, URGear, Cam2Pan [third party generic webcam version of TrackIR], mouse emulation, etc. But it's a lot more than that, especially if you have more than one joystick. If you combine it with say, Joy2Key you really have no limit on the number of combos you can get out of your buttons and stick movement.

    The big thing a lot of people with multiple sticks seem to like is the URGear emulation - having your view on a thumbstick that moves in proportion to the thumbsticks movement is very natural. Certainly it's a good way to get more functionality out of your 'button bay' stick at least.

    Also, if you have an old school joystick, or one without nice programming options for the buttons, then NewView can really help out.

    Previous versions from about build 28 to build 30 were fairly unstable for me after a while. Been using build 31 of newview for ages now and haven't had issues with it since I installed it.
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