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    Ok, so i guess this thread is for ppl to RP(role play)or write short stories about assassins creed or being an assassin.

    umm yah have fun , and try not to be cheap!
    ill start...

    *slides hidden blade out, then slides it back in like 100 times*
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    *stares out over a crowd, and "equips" his fist over and over so it looks like he's thinking about punching soemone, while standing right by the guy that's pulling his hidden blade in and out*

    haha. can you imagine two assassins just standing there, one essentially flipping a switchblade over and over, and one just repeatedly puching his own palm? that would be enough to scare anyone away.
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    I travel to a motel, knowing my target is in room 48. I rent out a room just two units down. As I sit on the bed in my room, I slowly take off my boots, grab my shotgun equiped with a silencer, also my cattle gun.

    I walk down to the room where I believe a satchel of stolen money is being held. I hold up the cattle gun to the deadbolt, pressing down on the handle to pop out the lock and storm into the room. I don't hesitate to shoot the first man on sight. Looking straight ahead, I see the door to the bathroom is open. I fire a shot into the wall to see if anyone was hiding. Another man jumps out with a fully automatic sub machine gun looking to mow me down. Before he even gets a chance to aim, I plug him right in the chest.

    As I cautiously walk into the bathroom, I see a man trying to hide behind the shower curtian. I aim my shotgun towards the shower and pull open the curtain. Another man is standing there with his arms up, speaking spanish to me, begging for his life.

    I ask him, "where is it?"

    He continues to mumble in fear. I pull the curtian back over over him, but I hold steady the shotgun aimed point blank range, and pull the trigger.

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