Well, it has been yonks since i last spoke on this forum. I can not even remember. Well, for laptop users that incorporate and make use of the "Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile", there is a fantastic fix to playing Myst Revelation on correct resolution, even, like me, if you have a wide screen laptop.
With my laptop, the res is always set at 1280*800.
The method described below will make the game play at 1024*768, maintaing correct aspect ratio.

Right click the "Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile" icon in the notification bar;
Graphics Options;
Panel Fit;
Select "Maintain Aspect Ratio".

This worked for me beutifully. Lost no quality. Basically opened myst, but retained correct aspect ratio.

My acer aspire 2920 notebook has the following graphics specs;
Mobile Intel GM965 Express chipset,
Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor,
Wide screen (max. 1280*800)

Hope this helps the frustraion in others (that I also experienced) when trying to find out a safe and easy fix.

Now not everyone will use intel graphic express chipset families. Well, most graphics cards installed in desktops and laptops usually come with a utillity program that enables you to control graphics settings for your display in question. My advice would be to look for settings concerning terms such as "panel fit" and "maintain aspect ratio".

I have very limited knowledge on technical graphics stuff, so would probably not be able to help on any other set-up. But maybe this solution will help those others, more technically minded, to come up with a fix. Also, update the graphics utility programs (for your particular graphics driver), because you never know whether the "maintain aspect ratio" feature may have been recently incorporated into the utility program by the manufacturer.

Good luck.