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    By Supreme Master,i mean one who can kill lots without dying lots (At least a 2-3 K/D ratio would be nice)
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    By Supreme Master,i mean one who can kill lots without dying lots (At least a 2-3 K/D ratio would be nice)
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by AaronFelder:
    By Grand Wizard,i mean one who can kill lots without dying lots (At least a 2-3 K/D ratio would be nice) </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Err. . .whoever came up with that title should throw it out IMHO:


    As for your question, it just takes practice. . . at least at first. . .once you have the skillset and the understanding, then it just takes discipline to not get yourself killed. There are certainly weak pilots with decent kill to death ratios, and there are plenty of strong pilots with average kill/death ratios – the big difference is engagement discipline. If you fly smart, you don't have to be the best stick on the block. If you rely on your "superior skill" to get you out of a fight that you shouldn't have entered in the way that you did, you might have fun but you will probably get nailed by the guy with the advantage. . .even if he's the weaker pilot in the stick and rudder department.
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    Sry fixed it
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    KKK --- We have a few of those looneys down here. Sad bunch.

    Ah yes! Supremo Pilot, Numero Uno.
    From RL, the top guys used different methods..
    - Hartman used Hit-and-Run
    - Marmaduke Pattle would mix it up against superior numbers - he died.
    - Gunther Rall was shot down ~8 times (AFAIK) and survived.
    - Others say they're were extremely lucky (I tend to agree).

    For you.. you must practise crashing. Put your plane into extreme positions and crash it.
    We can afford this luxury in a sim .
    When you crashed enough you start to pick up the early warning signs of a pending crash, thus avoiding it. This will put you onto the 'road' of being able to do these outrageous moves and survive, and this is important in combat.

    Next is to learn the tactics.
    - Safety in numbers.
    - Don't be a 'bull in a china shop', think about what you're doing, and think fast.
    - Practise.. you get there
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    All these guys have given you good advice. Being a Supreme Master as you call it, is what I might call a supreme application of energy management and prudent a_s_s saving techniques. If you are interested in learning from some guys who can already do this very well, I suggest you try reading this document:


    You will definitely find some gentlemen that can help you on your journey to Supreme Master ...oh, and you will not get there without many deaths and a strong ego.

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    The easy answer is: only fight when you have a big advantage over the enemy. How exactly to do this is described in the link to the guide in my signature. It's a long, but good read and very much worth your time.
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    There's only one Supreme Master, and I don't share my power.

    Come on, "Supreme Master" and so... that's soooo juvenile. But I guess you are a young lad.

    There are no "supreme masters" nor prima donna attitudes in the world of sim gaming -unless you want to be derided. But there are good virtual pilots there.

    Just learn the real tactics -keep energy advantage, know the pros and cons of your ride and the enemy's, practice your marksmanship, save ammo and fuel, fire at close range, don't be suicidal, take good looks around, take them to the type of fight that suits you better, don't expose yourself without need, be gentle on your ride, collaborate with your pals (protect them and get protected)- and everything will be OK... most of the times, for luck also counts.

    Ah, and since we make this for the fun, the thrills and friendship, NEVER take it so seriously as to start jerking around as a "Supreme Master". You'll only get pats in the back, and condescending smiles.
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    if you really want to be the best well all I can ask you is to have

    1) PATIENCE-This means taking time to assess the situation around you and waiting for the right 'firing solution' to use ur guns.

    2) BE RISK TAKER- This means trying things out and see if they work or not and if they don't work learn from it. Doesn't matter if you die a million deaths as long as you learn from it.

    3) HAVE NO FEAR= This means never being afraid of getting shot down at all as well as have the focus to engage anything that flies and trheanes you without fear speciallf if they are on your six.
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    Find a good fighter pilot and be there wing man. You'll learn allot that way.
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