Welcome to the Ubisoft IL2 Moviemakers Forum!

If you have come here to watch some of the movies made with the IL2 flight sim then you will find them here:

* Most moviemakers post their movies in new threads in this forum and other forums. This particular forum also contains unfinished, demo or experimental work.

* The largest collection of movies is listed on the IL2 Movie Database site.

* If you only want to see the very best flight sim movies from each year, these have been selected by experts and listed on the Flight Sim Movies site.

If you are a moviemaker and want to publish your movie then you can:

* Post a new thread in this and possibly other forums. It is accepted practice for other moviemakers not to give detailed critiques unless asked for. If you do want critiques or comments then do please ask for them.

* Submit your movie to the IL2 Movie Database where it will almost certainly be accepted.

* Submit your movie to Flight Sim Movies where it will be considered for inclusion if the quality is high enough.

Hosting Movies:

* The most popular place currently to watch Internet movies is on www.youtube.com - the quality is not great and may diminish the viewers' enjoyment but the potential audience is very large. Youtube does now offer slightly higher quality movies, so make sure you upload your movie with high settings (minimum Mpeg4 video, MP3 audio, 480x360 resolution, 24fps).

* A better quality streaming site is www.vimeo.com which supports High Definition.

* Offer the video as a download using some of the free hosts www.filefront.com is one of the better ones, or the best IL2 community site for downloads is www.mission4today.com