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    I play on the PC and when I try to play Multiplayer this message shows up: The Ubisoft Server is not available at this time. Please try again later.
    This started to show up yesterday.
    And also: Can anyone tell me how can I get the new DLC?
    I would appreciate if you help me.
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    Sometimes i'm getting this message too, even if i played the game few minutes before. If you see this message run the game, ubisoft game launcher will show up, go to its options and change proxy to auto or none. For me it usually works.
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    It was already in automatic.... I changed it to none and i tryed force aswell but... Doesn't work! I am sick of AC problems in pc!
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    It may sound crazy but.. in ubisoft game launcher settings in section "account settings" click "open" than log in and in bottom of page click "update". Once that worked for me when changing proxy settings didn't work.
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    Nop... Doesn't wrk anyway...
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    I want to play multiplayer but aparently Ubisoft hates PC users
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