got all of my 3 most wanted things for christmas
earphones with microphone (get ready to hear my taunting on the net )

Medival 2 Total war and...

IL2 46 DVD


as we now have a vladivostok map i thought it was abaut time to make a Russian pacifik carrier fleet as vladivostok historically was the pacific fleets base.

i took a test and theese planes are suitible for carrier use

bombers: Il2T and Pe2.

fighters: I16, P39, Yak9u
and probably some more.

i was looking for those that ai could both land and take off.

the A20C can only take off.

another thing. ??

is it just me or is the new Lagg jet. poor...rellly poor

my first flight in it was against a Ta152.. it couldnt cath it

all the rest of the jets a fabulus..and fun.

the arado 234 climbs bad but it wonderfully fast<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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