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    I posted this in another thread and decided to start my own. These are two real bombing tactics which will help you get through this nasty AAA.

    High-Altitude Dive Bombing:

    NEVER drive straight in to your target. I fly an arch, which means a constant change of bearing for the AAA. It seems to slightly lag behind my plane (even SBD's). Keep that arch a constant distance from the intended target until you are lined up either directly behind, or forward of the ship. Lead into your turn and excecute an over-bank until you roll out perfectly alligned with the longitudinal axis of the target which will establish you on the ships PIM (Planned Intended Movement). Deploy dive brakes and pickel bombs in close (as low as 1,500 ft). After the attack, clean-up the plane and press outbound as close to the water as you can get and head straight out away from the target till out of AAA range.

    Low level Attack.
    The 30 deg Pop-Up attack:

    Track in towards your target hugging the surface as fast as you can go. For a ship attack, come in 30 deg off the ships course either from the front, or inbound to the ships rear.

    At about 1,500 yards, pull a hard 30 deg level turn towards the fantail or bow of the ship to intercept the ships course line (an imaginary line projected both behind and forward of the ship).

    Roll wings level then pull aggressively to a 30 deg climb and maintain that climb to 2,500 - 3,000 ft.

    The target should be off your left or right wing-tip (depending on which way you excecuted the off-set maneuver.) AAA will lag behind you with an occational hit.

    Now roll you plane pull towards the target untill invirted. You should re-aquire the intended target at the 12 o'clock high position in your canopy.

    Pull your invirted bomber into the target until it is aquired in your bomb-site, then roll upright while maintaining the dive.

    Deploy dive brakes and press on into the attack as if Dive Bombing.

    Pickel in close and escape as depicted in the Dive bombing attack.

    I've done alot of these in Hornets and S-3's. They're a hoot!

    Using this in-game, I get out every time.

    Good Luck!

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    Any chance you could put a demo track together, Vidar?

    I've seen this demonstrated years ago with an A-6 and an old tugboat, but it was awfully fast.
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    Thanks for the info, have to give it a try!
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    I am having huge trouble with dive bombing. I'll put your advice into action.

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    a recording would be incredibly helpful. I understand all of what you are explaining, but there is no substitute for seeing it in action.
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    Hey Vidar, are you still active duty? I'm an S-3 NFO finishing up the RAG. I thought what you were writing sounded awfully close to our bombing patterns!
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    Retired Navy July 2002, two tours with the VS-22 Checkmates with a stint with the VS-27 Seawolves in between. 2,200 hrs, 526 arrested landings and only got wet once.

    My boys also fly CV NATOPS. Fly with us sometime, you'll get a kick out of how well they know it! LOL Here's the guide I wrote for them to follow... It'll probabaly look real familuar to ya LOL ;-)


    I would love to show a track, but am not too well versed on sharing tracks on a forum. I may need some help with that.
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    keep'em coming!

    I've found that jinking a bit on egress rather than going straight out seems to get me hit less though. I've also heard others claim that the triple A is less deadly forward and aft of most ships, which makes sense.

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    vidar, record a track and send it to me in zip format. if it isnt too big, maybe korolov would put it on wherever server he has that has the p-38 vs 4 bandits tracks. but do keep it rather short and to the point tho, they can get rather big.
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    Can't imagine the P-3s I flew in maneuvering that aggressively against a surface threat. Then again, I can't even imagine an Orion getting in that close to a surface threat to begin with.

    Thanks for info on the pop-up attack. Gotta try that after work today.
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