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    PART 1: RL. Does anyone have a list of airspeed records set by prop planes (esp wartime ones). I remember some Pom diving a Spit to Mach .8 or something during the war - and I'd be interested in other stories.

    PART 2: In game
    What is the fastest you have dived your favourite plane? (IAS) Two competitions:

    1) I went 'xy' speed and survived to fly home

    2) Wheeeeee!!!! *SPLAT* (survival is optional)

    The planes legal for this competition are:

    Novelty (He-111, I-16, P.11c, P-38, J8A etc)

    Screenshots required for more outrageous claims (i.e. "I dived my Gladiator to 800kph")
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    I've seen the maximum speed in a dive for some late model Spits get as high as Mach .95. Thats pushing it though...
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    What a great pic!!!
    That's it - I'm grabbing a Fw190! What height did you dive from?

    Current Fw190 leader - 1100kmh!
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    1010+ km/h ( indicated speed ) with out breaking anything on P47 and landing.( no arcade settings )

    1100 with no wing is weak.
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    I've done 3233kph in a Me 162 from 60,000ft going directly down. I forgot to save track too, I'm too stupid! Fact.

    Ofcourse invunrability was on.
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    did get it up to 1110 kph but no faster,could this be something to do with the sound barrier?
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    where does space officially begin ?

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    Here's your proof that Spit is overmodelled !
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