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    Welcome to The Big Book of the best ideas! here are the best ideas i could find in the suggestion box!

    -The Cataloge Suggestion,we all have mail boxes where we get cataloges from shops and gifts
    -Miki Bright

    -Pets in Imagine Town
    unknowen (many have said not sure who)

    -The SHoes idea
    members can make shoes on the design table
    -Charlotte Melody

    -The Drawing Design Table
    Freehand drawing of patterns in the design table

    -Mod day
    a day to celebrate Mods!

    -TV Commercial idea
    Where we could get out "fourm" companys commercials to play on the imagine town TV instead of Valarie just talking!
    -Kiwi Bright

    -Theater Idea
    a Imagine Town theater for performances,and more!

    -Save The Design Table!
    save your designs on the design table,so if you get disconnected..or u can work on it later!XD
    -Dressing Rooms Everywhere!
    dressing rooms at ALL the locations!
    -Fiona Paris (fi fi)

    -Imaigne Name
    ppl in America are called American ppl in Canada are Canadian...what are we? Imaginers?
    -Emma Bubbly Galaxy

    -Mylink Notes
    Notes in your My-Link! So people can stay orgaznized and write down events and things they have to make and deliver and stuff!
    -Nicole Glamouros Starshine

    -Let Me Eat!

    Letting us actually eat and pick up food.
    -unknowen many ppl say this
    -Furniture Creater
    a machine in the mall to where we can design our own furniture,keep it,and put it in our room and we should have ALOT of cool patterns!!!
    -Anella Willow

    -Talent Market
    What if we(the players) held a market in game? Each person could show off their talent in their room, for example designers could make clothing to sell and they could hire models to model them.People would have their rooms saying what they are selling like "Food" or "Routines". People could go around from room to room and look at what they are selling! It would be a great way to show off your talent! And everyone has something they could sell or show off! Designers sell clothes, Gardeners sell their plants, Chefs sell their dishes, And Dancers and Models could sell their routines! And people could also have contests and giveaways at their little shop area! And maybe we could have like performances or a talent show!
    -Emma Bubbly Galaxy

    -Teleport...where am i going?
    when you click on TELEPORT i should tell you where your going!
    - -Jade Q.T Cupcake

    -Musical Mylink
    We should be able to play clean songs on our my links
    -Ashly Ruffles
    -Ringtone Mylink
    have ringtons for our my link instead of that sound!
    -Terri Bella Grace
    Garage sale Monthly
    We should have monthly garage sales!

    More coming soon!
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    Thanks for putting my idea in there, Melissa! All of these ideas are amazing!
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    np...it was one of the best ideas! LOL
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    i all of these ideas but the mod day one is my fav.
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    YAYNESS! I was in there! I'm going to send this to a mod!
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    That would be great Miki! sending it to a mod would be awsome!

    hehe i like the mod day 1 2 !
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    I have two suggestions;

    1. DESIGN TABLE: when we make a piece on the design table, we should be able to PATENT the design. Now, I dont mean that we actually get a legal restriction against any other player making the same design, by PATENT I mean... we could SAVE the design as a TEMPLATE and keep a PORTFOLIO of designs.

    This way, when a valued friend says she really likes your DESIGN, you can return to your DESIGN TABLE and make a top just like it by starting with the TEMPLATE. Maybe change a colour... or something then SAVE and viola! This makes it simple to make team or club designs, trade designs... etc.

    2. ANGRY Emote. Now then, I note that one of the rules of Imagine Town in never to respond to negative actions ... what then is the purpose of the ANGRY emote, I wonder. I dont think we need to encourage people to choose and ANGRY emotion, which is a basic emotion, when with a little more thought... they could select a FRUSTRATED, PUZZLED, TIRED, HUNGRY ... or some more suitable emote that does not introduce anger into the community.

    Ever noticed how the ANGRY emote tends to bring the whole room down? I have, people will be all having fun, then ... viola!... someone pops up an ANGRY emote and the whole energy of the room is sucked up through the great ANGRY straw. Havent we always been taught that ANGER is okay ... as long as you are careful not to express it in such a way that hurts others.

    Food for thought.

    Thanks for the opportunity to conribute these ideas.

    Imagine Town (Beta) Player

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    Well said, Leila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awsome ideas so far!

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    DramaMama17's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hey I have some ideas!

    1.) A Jade Island Pet Parade
    2.) Plan trips to the moon.
    3.) A Jade Island Zoo.
    4.) A time portal so we can travel to different places in time.
    5.) A Jade Island 500 race. We can have the race in a new Jade Island Speedway.
    6.) UbiMargie's Big Top Circus. The mods' office is a circus, so we can put one on Jade Island.
    7.) We should have a challenge that takes us days to do. Like a treasure hunt. We can sail to different locations and find rare treasures.
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