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    Now for the second time I've fallen/jumped in to water where there is meant to be land. Where, Forli, and yes I know this map has plenty of water...but I'm still not supposed to end up under the land, in water I cant get out of....I was doing a replay of the Race in Forli (running, NOT the horse race), had only got to the second marker, jumped off the small wooden jetty/dock and suddenly I'm under water, I see trees, land, people etc above me, trying to find a way out of where I was I kept on trying to swim, after bumping in to the sides of the land I did manage to get to marker 3 and swim towards the town gate, but now I was just stuck under the bridge, still no way out.

    Hope they are going to fix all these problems soon. It's a great game, love playing, but so many problems.
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    Hi Engioc - please post the problems/glitches that you have encountered in the Ac2 feedback/bug report thread (there is one for each platform).

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