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    S! ALL,

    I finally got my copy of P.F. At my local Hastings for those who haven't found one yet.But I have to say I am a little disappointed.
    All this worry bout the stinkin water,which in my mind I find not near as visually stunning as Far Cry which,by the way runs great on most systems. But I am not caring bout the water unless I can fly rescue missions to pick up downed pilots in a Catalina and get points for it.But being as the air is where this sim is focused at I never listened to the gripes bout it.For I would like to stay in the sky not the water!! So...where are the various cloud types? cumulo stratus,nimbus etc. etc....I believe that would be more visually pleasant than the "WATER" which I so vainly try to stay away from!!But I guess to some the whole "Hey man,did you see that perfect water I crashed into" **** has found its importance somewhere along the way!!
    I do love the game but why on earth would a game developer leave IMPORTANT commands out to be user defined? There should be commands that are NO-BRAINERS to include. Hmmm, which ones you say? Well, lets see,
    b)arrestor hook(after all there are carriers and this should be standard,would keep the "how come I cant move on deck" thread from appearing
    d)manual gear control(hey if your gonna put in those planes give us a stock key press)
    oh yeah and the oh so important non alterable "rotate view" Why in Hades is that not user definable?I have this dang x-45 and I have to go against the whole HOTAS idea and fumble for me mouse when the action gets thick!!!
    these are just a few.Yes and you could argue that"well they left it like that for your convenience!!"But to that I say whats so dam3d convenient about having to map keys? So then tell me oh-so argumentative one what would be the problem with assigning it a key to begin with? I think I would like to try what Oleg and his team use.Why not include the developers keysets surely they are better than none at all no? They built it so they know the most efficient keysets right? Now to all of you il-2 vets this may seem like a rant,gripe,b1t<h,moan whatever you decide to label it and you may also think that this isn't a big deal either but I know of atleast 3 ppl who gave up on the series because of the standard keyset(or lack thereof).
    Aside from the obvious issues like carriers in mp not moving.Hey this could've been implemented if so much energy wasn't wasted on water!! What a total loss of direction!! If it was a naval sim I could see the logic of perfect water but why...???Meanwhile the clouds are the same everywhere you fly!! Nope I struggle to get my dive bomber with 2 250 lb.ers off the deck in m.p. but hey look at that water wouldja?!?!? Yeah well your job is complete because to take off fully armed you WILL see that Darwin d@mn3d perfect water!! And alot too!! Wouldve rather seen massive fleets displayed than this "perfect Water". Ya say ya want and need perfect water? Then wait for Silent hunter3 or PT Boats:Knights of the Sea. Sims that actually have the need for perfect water.Perfect water in a flight sim(R.O.T.F.L.M.A.O.!!!) Thats like needing perfect grass and mountains in a sub sim!!! I love these games alot but it makes me wonder sometimes where the common sense has gone to.
    Oh and one more thing tell Ubi they can keep their big awkward non protecting disc case to themselves!! Disc touching each other and the possibility of scratching!!Or is that Ubis way of creating constant customers?I have already traded that for a 2 disc dvd case which the cover fits nicely into.
    And a freakin manual thats worth its weight!!Whatever happened to a big manual I can take to the head with me and read and actually learn something from?

    Oh and by the way I have already prepared for damage control!! I have donned my asbestos flame proof suit so flame away!!

    "Firemen and D.c.men man your stations!!
    "Sir,we are at our stations!! Lots of damage sir!!But look at that perfect water!!!"
    "Good Son,Get the pumps goin and the hoses we're gonna need it for the following flames!!"
    "Aye,Aye sir!!!"


    "I am Mjollnir and I approve this message"
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    I like the water effects and am still experimenting with ATI driver versions, conf.ini and video card settings.

    I'm using a 9500 pro, Omega v4.7 drivers with perfect settings in game that provides ~35 fps with 36 aircraft in coop missions. Game is very stable even though the "Read Me" file does not recommend this driver. I have a copy of the Cat 4.1's that is recommended so later I'll give this a try.

    So far, the water looks best (to me at least) with water=0 in the conf file. Others (a pilot wth 9600) have given different reports that water looked fine with water=3 but then again, not sure what drivers were used.
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    Im not complaining that the water looks like cr@p or anything just that there seems to be WAY TOO much focus on it rather than the obvious issues that should be addressed. Like massive fleets,Movement of carriers in mp and other subtle issues.I can just imagine if less emphasis was plced on the d@m3d water maybe the obvious may have been addressed. No prop trails(or whatever they call that contrail looking spiral) when launching from a carrier wouldve been more welcome to me.Or how about a wind value assigned to the deck of the carriers while in m.p.?that way you still get the benefit of a headwind and thus PROPER and FULL loadouts!!damage for the ships would be cool with fires on going.How could such an obvious need be overlooked?OH YEAH thats right,THE WATER!!
    Such an awesome game tainted by the over emphasis of an object which in the end doesnt lend itself in no way to the game but for asthetics.
    I would love to have seen flight deck crew running,D.C.men and firemen with hoses putting out fires and L.S.O.'s!!And crash barriers for damaged planes coming in would've been a nice touch!! Thw water is fine for me but is definately not something I'm gonna tweak for!!

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    why they didnt make them "Stock" buttons is beyond me...but it's not the end of the world that you have to spend 5 minutes max, scrolling through a list and assigning them. Besides everyone wants different settings.
    So they would most likely be reassigned anyways.
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    Hank please dont think that its the end of the world for me.Its not and I will never give up this sim series but would including the keysets be all that difficult? And I understand that even I would most prob change them but c'mon man there are too many that are not defined!!I could see a few that are user specific but there are some that should be given a default!!PERIOD!!!There would be a worldwide p.c. game coup if all games were shipped like this!!!

    BlueShark3:"lower your tail hook Mjollnir!!!"
    Mjollnir:"Oh **** I forgot to map that one!!"
    Blueshark3:"Nice knowin ya!!"
    Mjollnir:"Just tell me mom I was a dumbarse and didnt check my key command center in my cockpit before I took off!!"
    BlueShark3:"Will do!Does that mean I can have your stash of rum you've been hiding?"

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    You are all wet. You don't need to trade anything everything is adjustable. Don't like perfect water turn it off. You want bigger better more massive fleets. There is something that shipped with the game called the full mission builder. Learn how to use it and create whatever sized fleet of mission "you" want.

    Carriers do move in multiplay coops. DF is a different story and Oleg already explain why this is the case 100 times. You whinning about undefined keys is a f---ing joke. The binds are set by the user and any "new" functions need to come undefined. Why? Because we already have many functions that are user defined after a year and a half of FB/AEP, it would not be good to ship the game with presets for say the chocks, because the binds "they" choose might already be assigned to something else in "our" menus and binding the chocks to say my already defined eject button would have been stupid and much worse.

    You did say you liked the game, I suggest spending more time reading the pdf on the CD and actually getting into the meat of things instead of whinning that you have white bbread on your sandwich instead of wheat.
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    Death you have missed almost everything I have said!!Never said I didnt like perfect water ya Dumb ****!!Just wondering why everyone is worrying so much about it.Never knew that water had such an effect on the control surfaces of a plane!!
    yes I was talking of D.F.! How about a wind value for the flight deck?
    New functions huh? Yeah airbrake new?? All the mixture settings new? Magnetos,supercharger new?
    and this wasnt a whine ya ****!! It was question!! Ok so lemme get this straight because you have an ejection seat conflict thats reason for new ppl coming to this sim to be in flight look for a command only for it to tell them that it has to be user defined?Then tell me this why have a key card then?Oh thats right,this game is only for ppl who have been playing it since Il-2 right?C'mon lemme hear more of that "wisdom"!!Since you have so much to go round!!! Maybe you should remove your mouth,tongue and lips from someones **** just long enough so you can see that no matter how you may flame someone you will not be getting any freebies or goodies from 1c/Oleg or anyone else!!
    And for your abstract B.S. about sandwiches,go get something to eat if food has to makes it way into a flight sim post!! Now YOU go eat a S[-]1T sandwich ya fool!!! And its funny you talk of Meat!!Missin some in your "BUNS"? Ya rainbow flyer!!

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    A little thin skinned I see yes. What happened to the flame suit that you donned? Not working huh? LOL! Give me a quarter and I'll call someone that cares.
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    Now to think of it I agree.

    For a flightsim focussing on getting the water a 'perfect' quality and not the clouds like Mjollnir said, is beyond me.

    As far as I can see, there are like 5 different kinds of water;

    1) non-perfect
    2) perfect, water=0
    3) perfect, water=1
    4) perfect, water=2
    5) perfect, water=3

    isn't that a little overkill considering there is only 1 type of cloud ? I mean, Mjollnir is right. We pass (like to) our time in the skies, not in the water. (Ok, except if you fly a A6M2-N)
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