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    Looks a bit like the Besson MB.411. The engine and floats are the same but the tail is wrong.
    The MB.411 was designed to equip the French submarine Surcuf.
    but it definatly looks French.
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    I Agree with one13.

    In as much that it is the Besson MB.411 that flew a few times from Poole in Dorset. after being landed by Surcouf at Plymouth harbour on june 18th 1940.

    It was damaged in a Luftwaffe attack on Plymouth
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    I agree with One13. It does look like a Besson MB-411. The markings apear to be British however and I can just make out a Royal Navy serial near the tail. Two of my references confirm One13's statement that the MB-411 was designed for the large French submarine Surcouf. Evidently this is not the first time this plane has caused confusion. The MB-411 no. 1 was aboard the Surcouf when it escaped from Brest and made for Plymouth England on June 18, 1940. After arriving in England, the MB-411 made several flights along the south Devon and Dorset coasts causing considerable consternation among the aircraft spotters. The plane was latter damaged in an air raid and was not aboard Surcouf when it left for the West Indies. Plans to operate the MB-411 from a British merchant ship were not realized. Beyond that I can only guess that the photo was taken after the British repaired the airplane and made several modifications including the Vertical fin and rudder. References; War Planes of the Second World War Vol. Six, Floatplanes by William Green, and The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft by David Donald.
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    That is a Petrel with a modified horizontal and vertical tail and a hump added to the fuselage:

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    engine looks italish.
    markings seams to be british.
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    It's the one out of Flypast or Aeroplane magazine asking what it is............
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Taylortony:
    It's the one out of Flypast or Aeroplane magazine asking what it is............ </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
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    Hello Spectre,
    That has to be one obscure aircraft.
    It surely is a Besson of one type or another and pictures are very hard to come by.(at least on Google) There is an MB 410, an MB 411, and probably 6 other models of "Besson" aircraft. After 3hours of surfing, I didnt find much. And no pictures that are worth mentioning, except the photo that lietmotiv has in his post. But it was fun anyway, and I found some links that most of us here will find interesting. This first one shows some very high quality pics. of (mostly brit) aircraft, and were taken (I hope I got this right) at the Hendon Aircraft Museum. Beautiful Typhoon, and Mosquito pics.


    This next one is a virtual smorgasboard of aircraft information. Info on lots of varying subjects, armaments, engine and performance stats, color schemes for skinners with correct color swatches, I was skimming through there looking for the ID on Spectres plane but it looked pretty good.


    Also one of the Brit gents here posted perhaps a couple of weeks ago that they liked to go around and investigate and take pictures of all the old WW2 abandoned airfields. And I found a site that lists 790 of them, as well as many crash sites where planes went down. But for the life of me I can not remenber who it is. This guy probably is aware of this site but I would like to find him to be sure. But here is the site.


    Also Spectre, do you mind my asking where you got that picture please? I was only using Google but I couldnt find anything except many renditions of the pic. lietmotiv posted.

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