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    Hi all here my new North Africa campaign
    "Bir Hacheim" 1942

    2,5 Giga CPU
    1 Giga Ram

    Download link:

    Pilot Skins by: elephant_il2

    translated by: Airway

    The fortress "Bir Hacheim" (english: dog well) is the most southern corner pillar in the Gazala emplacement.
    Placed in the sandy desolate desert of Lybia, the fort is the last outpost of allied defence lines.
    The old buildings have fallen into pieces, the water in the two cisterns is inedible and the quarters, infirmary and provisions are made of diggings in the hole.

    Bir Bachheim ist badly known as "rabbits nest" to the 3723 man of the 1. Brigade of the FFL ( Free French Forces), that are stationed there.

    The FFL-fighters originate from all sectors of the whole world: colonial troops from Africa and Tahiti, marine infantrymen from the Bretagne as well as from foreign legions from Germany, Spain and Russia.
    Commander of the Brigade is Alsacian General "Pierre Koenig".
    Your Orders:''Hold the fort, up to the last man".

    "Rein in den Wagen, Bayerlein, ich führe selbst gegen Bir Hacheim."
    With these words Rommel welcomes his new chief of staff, Oberst Fritz Bayerlein, who replaced wounded Generalmajor Gause on June, the 1st, 1942. That was typical Rommel. He just recovered from the deadly enemy embracement and left the battlefield to Ritchie, when he is striking out on an other important keypoint on the deadly front.
    Rommel build a combat group, consisting of troops of the 90th "light", a few tanks of the DAK, Reconnaissance group 33 and the italian Division "Trieste".
    Since May, 26., the Italian lay in front of Bir Hacheim. They should have taken the base immediately at the beginning of the offensive, but did not get even a foot into the base.
    Rommel shook his head about that. "A whole Division..." ,he said angry, "we will cope with that soon."
    From these words started the hardest battle in Africa.

    Rommel about fort "Bir Hacheim":
    "I rarely fought such a hard Battle on african ground"

    Gruß NSU
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    Got it looking forward to trying it.
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    Thanks for the hard work and effort in making this campaign, downloading now
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    hmmm...i've been looking forward to this.
    unfortunately, now that i've installed it, all my other campaigns are gone! but when i try to start a new version of one of my old "in progress" campaigns, it says it's still there and do i want to overwrite it?
    what gives? can anybody help me get my old campaigns back?
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    Originally posted by homohabilis:
    here the readme:

    II.3 Adjustments to the game

    - The Wallpaper for the German campagne is changed. Folder: "[FB - main directory]\Missions\Campaign\DE\
    The original can be found in the original ackground folder.

    - Following radio files are goin to be overwritten:
    (for preventing you to abuses for flying off course)
    Folder: "[FB - main directory]\samples\Speech\DE\Actor1\"

    answered that your question

    sorry for my bad english!

    Gruß NSU
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    Just downloaded the other day.

    Looks good. Another campaign to put on the list.
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