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    Why did MineCraft hijack this SPLINTERCELL thread?
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    M3ga Survival!

    Come and Play on M3ga Survival!
    The server is a Survival Server, it is being constantly updated with new plugins!
    This Server Requires Hamachi so we have 3 different Networks for you to join!
    All Networks have the Password: 123
    1. M3gaNetwork1
    2. M3gaNetwork2
    3. M3gaNetwork3
    4. M3gaNetwork

    The IP is:!
    Enjoy your stay!
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    If someone is still interested to play coop mode

    As I haven't see any more servers for hamachi to coop, I think I can post mine server, wich is:

    Hamachi server:SC3Coop4fun

    (also, sorry for the bad english lol)
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    My Two New Server Of Five Members!! xD xD :D :P (Hamachi Only)

    Join Me!!
    Server Name: The Death Matchers
    Members: Maximum 5 (Cuz i don't want to make a mess)
    Password: 123456789

    2nd Server:

    Server Name: RageEngine
    Members: Maximum 5 here too
    Password: 123456789

    People Who still play Far Cry 2 Can Join Me!

    My User Name: shaycoc5

    shay because i am a fan of assassin's creed rogue :P
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    WoW you guys get me excited...

    Anyone still playing?
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    i want play with u
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