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    here its a versus and coop network to SC:CT v1.5

    NAME: <<RaMmStEiN>>

    PASS: scct

    if not work, contact to me.. hellsing_alucard_15@hotmail.com
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    I don't know if people pay attention to this thread, but mine is a SCCT server.

    Name: IODINE
    Password: cement
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    Hi Guys.
    Me and a mate have recently got scct and are really looking forward to some versus mode . We're from aus, not sure what the lag is like with international peers, but we've joined all the most recent hamachi servers listed that werent full. i've also made one for aus and NZ players, but if you want to join anyway, everyones welcome .

    name: SCCT_AUSNZ
    pass: splinter

    hope to play with you soon.
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    hello this is my new hamachi server...

    if you dont have hamachi program download it from here:

    and we made a client...you can download it frmo here:http://www.mediafire.com/?mmw3nmfmgri

    read the notepad thing for play nice.

    network name:realplayserver
    network pass:123456

    i hope you come.
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    I don´t know,which brightness and contrast settings should I set for Chaos Theory ? Which is the best settings ? (My game version is 1.5...)

    And yeah..what is shader model 3.0...Should I set shader model 1.1 or 3.0 ? Which is better ?

    And what about AntiAliasing ? If I set shader model 3.0,AntiAliasing is disabled...
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    Server: ChaosTheoryAssassins

    Pw: Cell

    Join while space last.
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    Join my server!

    Server: SCCT74
    PW: 123
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    welcome to XDScape dedicated hamachi server.

    ()43 NEW customs now available.

    ()Other beta server link is lost.

    the 4000 ones that downloaded it are lucky client link:


    log in server ip:

    network name:XDScape (XDS with caps lock on)

    password:XDScape123 (XDS with caps lock on)

    Hamachi link:


    FORUM : http://xdscape.webs.com/
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    hey man are you really ******ed or just pretending? this isn't a sh*tscape forum
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    well here is my 2nd hamachi network.. the first its full so i make this to that people wanna play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory COOP Online...

    NETWORK: <<RaMmStEiN2>>
    PASS: scct

    if not work, contact to me.. hellsing_alucard_15@hotmail.com
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