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    I have been trying to play on 100% difficulty, and so far, after 4 war patrols, i have only sunk 4 ships, and all of these were with the deck gun of my VII-B. I have figured out how to use the slider icon to estimate range to target, but i can not figure out how to do angle on the bow, or target speed manually. I usually lock the scope on target, and have the weapons officer figure out a quick solution for me while I'm looking through the scope, then i fire. I must have fired about 35-40 torpedoes that way over these 4 patrols so far and not one hit yet!! i don't know if it's me or the weapons officer... any ideas?? the torpedo tutorial doesn't seem to help much either because, in the tutorial, the auto TDC is turned on. thanks!
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    Make a "training" mission with some boats to do
    some target pracising on, make sure to have the
    dud torpedo option off, might be good to have
    it set to unlimited torpedoes as well, every-
    thing else should be max realism though if its
    possible to run it like that.

    Dont have the game myself yet

    But coming from IL-2 making some easy missions
    with nice fat targets is a good and easy way
    to start practicing your skills and go from
    sitting ducks to moving ducks to finally maybe
    add a destroyer to the mix

    Gah!! I want the game noooow...
    I hope the stores here in Sweden allow me to
    buy a copy today, they are sitting on them as
    the releaseday is tomorrow!?!?!?!?
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    oops, i replied to your other post already where you brought this up, so here it goes again

    here's what I figured out so far with the manual TDC:
    first, identify the contact, thus you have mast height (also note down keel depth so if you want to go for magnetic detonation, so you can set your fish to a meter lower).
    Next, on the notepad on the right, go to distance measurement. Then you have the stadimeter icon on the left of the notepad. position your crosshairs on the waterline, drag & drop the stadimeter onto the scope and position it at the mast height. Once you click, the distance to target will show up on the notebook.
    Angle-on-bow: this is the next one on the notepad: select it, then you can set the angle-on-bow. This angle is basically the angle that the target would see you at, so if you're parallel to the target on it's starboard side (right side), AOB is 90 (another way for AOB is your target bearing minus 180, I think) (writing from memory here, so don't take my word for it)
    The last item is the target speed. Once you have distance and AOB, calculating speed is a simple math problem (but the game does it for you). Center the target (like at the mast), start the stopwatch. Follow the mast, stop the watch after some time (make sure the crosshair is excactly at the same spot of the target as when you started the clock, else you'll introduce errors). The longer, the better. Now you have a solution.
    Yet another way (the really hardcore one): After Target identification, just get a stopwatch and a calculator. Identify mast height and look at the angle (tick marks) in the scope. Distance equals mast height divided by tangens alpha. Do an educated guess on the targets speed. Try to match course and speed, if the target stops veering off in bearing and distance, you have heading and speed. Go to the TDC station, enter manual mode and input your target data. Now you've done the work of half a dozen crewmen all by yourself

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    I have listened to a lot of chat about manual TDC and it seems to me that some people are making a bigger deal than it needs to be. I am sure we will miss more than on auto, but it seems to me that if we were to come across a convoy of say ten ship. All the ships I assume will be sailing on the same heading and the same speed so they will stay in convoy!
    So I would assume again we would try to get the convoys heading and speed from say the lead ship first and apply this data to the following ships. Then pick on a ship coming into view further back so we will be able to more quickly work out a firing solution once we work out the range. The u-boats do have an on-board computer after all to work out the finer points once we have heading, speed, and then range!
    I guess heading is the most important thing we need to know so we can get into a firing position, or pass this info on to Bdu so a wolf pack can be put together!

    You could make a simple mission with lots of targets and try this out, im still waiting on the game so its only an idea.
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