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    I get this error message before the game loads up. I already have the game installed on my computer.

    "Emulator Detected. Please deactivate virtual Drive and emulation software"
    Wahat does this mean and how do I fix it to use the game.

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    A CD or DVD emulator creates on your hard drive and in system memory a "virtual CD or DVD drive" (that is, a drive which doesn't physically exist, but acts like it does) that looks to Windows like an actual CD or DVD drive. This is known as "emulation". Because a hard drive has a much faster access time than a CD or DVD drive, a program that uses a virtual drive operates much faster than if it was working with an actual CD or DVD drive. CD and DVD burning programs like Nero, Easy CD/DVD Creator, Alcohol 120%, et al, usually create virtual drives when your PC boots up.

    Unfortunately, virtual drives are also used as an integral part of software piracy, since they can run software without the actual (purchased) disk being in a drive. This defeats a program's copy protection, and many programs assume that if you have virtual disks installed, you're doing a dirty deed. Even if you're completely innocent. For that reason, Myst V doesn't like virtual drives.

    So, you'll probably need to do some or all of the steps under Installing and Re-Installing EoA With Win XP, "In general, any or all of the following may be necessary to prevent EoA installation (and game play!) problems" in Myst V: Clean Boot Install/Re-install With Win XP.
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