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    I just purchased a Daisy Powerline 1000 air rifle to frolic with it at home. My question concerns the sight on it. When aiming the thing you see two green dots and the one red dot. Naturally, when aiming at a stationary target, you want the to put the red dot on the target and in between the two green dots. Now heres my problem, should the red dot be smack-dab in between the two green dots or should it be in between and just above them?
    Also, any advice on how to adjust the rear sight?(Windage and Elevation), I'm afraid to touch it, how does one figure when and what to adjust?
    I know these questions are simple, I know they are probably childs-play to many of you, but you must remember I AM a Fish(Woe is me), and am therefore very dim relative to the rest of you, so take THAT into consideration BEFORE you judge me!
    Please elucidate these complications for this feeble-minded Fish.

    The Flying Fish
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    You didn't get a usermanual with it?

    If the sights are adjustable there should be some knobs or screws to do so.

    I assume you would need to line the dots up in a row with the red dot right in the middle.
    If it is different you will notice when your shots consistantly go high or low of where you aim.
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    I can't find any information on a powerline 1000, so I can't really help you as far as how to properly set the sights, however...

    It's a daisy, and it's a BB gun. There's not a lot to it.

    As a general rule of thumb, you put the front dot between the to rear dots and level them out. The bb should hit right above it.

    If it doesn't, then it's not sighted in properly, so you need to do that..

    I'm guessing it's a push sight, so all you have to do is push the little slanted jagged thing in the middle of the sight either up or down depending on where the BB hits after you shoot it.

    Raising the sight lowers where the BB will hit, and lowering the sight raises where the BB will hit. It's simple.

    But like I said.. It's a BB gun. Unless they've made some drastic quality changes, it's pretty tough to fubar a BB gun.
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    Well, being a Fish(Woe is me), I naturally don't no anything about anything, and that includes whether or not it makes a difference that its a pellet gun, not a BB gun, but I'm mentioning it just in case.
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    I still got a Daisy Powerline 856 that I bought some 17 years ago, but itâ´s still in good shape.

    From experience, you needn`t adjust the sight, it comes calibrated from the factory.

    If you really have to, follow TheJoyStickâ´s instructions on calibrating and aiming, he`s spot on them.

    Great quality those Daisys, as I said above my 17year old rifle still kicks @ss.

    Good buy dude.
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    Fish, you need to find a person in the know, who can show you about guns, in person. A relative, a friend, someone.

    If you don't know anyone, you could find a local gun club or the NRA. Please get professional training to use your weapon, the life you save could be mine.
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    I may be a Fish with a short-term memory that lasts no longer than 5 seconds, but I assure you georgeo you need not worry about my endangering anyone with my weapons, I am quite the safe and cautious Fish, however I've already been looking into a local gun club so perhaps I'll get something out of that. I just hope they won't be too hesitant about bringing a Fish into their community.
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    I'm glad to see that someone new has been introduced into the shooting sports. With that type of sight you will put the red dot between the green ones. Keep them level. The pellet should hit at the top of the red dot. The sight will most likely adjust in elevation, but maybe not windage. But don't mess with the sight until your sure its the gun and not you.

    When you fire don't pull the trigger, squeeze it. This will keep you from pulling yourself off target. Also always keep the rifle pointed down range.(don't turn to talk to someone and swing it around.) Basically use common sense and be careful.

    This might sound like overkill with a pellet rife but its a good habit to have if you ever decide to move up to something more powerful.

    I also encourage you to get involved with a club and exercise your right to keep and bear arms. All of the shooting sports can be great fun!

    Good luck and keep them in the 10 ring!
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