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    We’ve noticed a lot of threads with players looking for other co-op players, or voicing frustration at the struggle to find a suitable co-op partner.

    With that in mind please feel free to use this thread in your search for a co-op partner.

    In posting please state the following....

    Your gamertag

    What timezone you live in (and days you’re available to play)

    Your preferred style of play i.e. stealth or stealth/action

    Your preferred difficulty setting (if you have one)

    If you’re looking to play through a particular section of the games co-op or just matches in general

    NOTE: This thread is for match making only, please use the pre existing threads for discussion on the games multiplayer. Off topic posts will be removed
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    O like in on

    USA time zone.....any day of the week
    just PM here or on live


    any play style
    I'm a cod/gta/SC/Mgs/rpg/hitman skills ^_^
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    GT: Redex 12
    TZ: Eastern

    I work some days 5-10pm but most other days and weekdays im normally available anytime from 3pm to whenever.

    I prefer stealth but don't mind running through locked and loaded.

    (Unless just screwing around in Last Stand or something)

    No particular section of the game desired if you feel like doing a few games add me.
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    GT:xxzIce Bladexxz
    Eastern U.S.:Mostly Between 3-9p.m. Mond-Sund
    Matches in General
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    Red Wing, MN USA

    I live in the US Central time zone (UTC -6) I can play any day of the week any time of day, but evenings after 8-8:30 CST are best for me since my son is in bed by then.

    I like to play stealth mostly. I only open fire when in a tight situation and I use the silenced Five Seven mostly. I don't often use 2 handed weapons unless seriously outgunned.

    I prefer to play on Realistic, but willing to play on Normal if people want to. I'll only play on Rookie for achievement/PEC boosting.

    I'll play thru whatever people want to play thru. I still need to play thru the COOP on Realistic for the achievement.

    EDIT: I'm a deaf gamer and don't use a mic or headset. If this is a problem for you then don't add me.
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    IH IU IN IK 777

    I play everyday, pacific time zone

    i play mostly stealthy hardcore stealthy i may add

    i play everything from rookie to realistic (i just love the game)

    ill help anyone with anything
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    Gt: Stealth1276
    Timezone: Eastern US(New york)
    Game difficulty: Realistic
    Mode: Coop story, not all in one sitting though
    I don't have a mic
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    gamertag: LtShinysides16

    time zone: Pacific time zone and play one weekends; sometimes weekdays.

    style of play: prefer stealth, but i will go guns blazzing. (more fun)

    difficulty: realistic only

    not interested in particular sections or matches
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    Gamertag: Guruwar

    Timezone: GMT

    And i am a stealthy player and do not do running in with guns blazing! also difficulty Realistic. I have compleated coop story on realistic already but if anyone is looking for help with it i dont mind helping

    Also i play any day just not Saturdays and prefare evenings
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    Available GMT at 11pm-3am, everyday

    Stealthy, ready to play Hunter and Co-op Story

    Ready to retry sections till done correctly so backup is not called

    Always play on realistic

    Gaming skills just about average

    GT: BrokenToySoljer
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