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    Ontario, Canada


    Gamertag: RH Stealth
    play style: Ghost (In co-op, try not to kill anyone-- only kill and mark and execute if you're going to get detected)
    Will also play Hunter, Infiltration and Faceoff with no bots (all pistols only)
    Difficulty doesn't matter.
    I have mic.
    If you're interested, just send me a friend request, and tell me you came from here
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    GT: Martial Artist

    GMT: Can play anytime i'm online.

    Style: Stealth / Ghost

    Difficulty: Realistic, even though i've completed Co-Op, Hunter etc on Realistic i'm willing to help people and I also need the achievements for completing them on Rookie and Normal.

    Section: Co-Op, Hunter and Infiltration

    I have a mic and class myself as a very good player, I also wont give up until i've completed the level if I fail and I never go AFK like taking calls, having lunch etc so don't worry.
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    Time Zone: GMT +1 weekdays 3pm-10pm, friday 2pm-2am, uneven weekends 12am-2am, even weekends nothing
    XBL GT:Road Runnerdn
    any playstyle but preferably some stealth atleast
    any difficulty but I am only average in skills so if realistic difficulty I'll be relying on you
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    Looking for Hunter Partner right now.

    GT in sig

    add me
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    Anyone still play this? johnboyy17
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    GT: Martial Artist

    Time: GMT - Always online, anytime, ready to play.

    Style: My personal play style is a mix of mostly Panther using the Five-Seven and Karambit (The Tigers Claw), I will be using Ghost but only for Gadgets and Non-Lethal Takedowns. I feel a guard even attempting to hunt someone down as dangerous as me, deserves punishment, and I'm sure going to give it to him. If you're in my way, I'm going to take you out.

    A Tiger - is 3.3 meters long, has 2.8 inch canines, 3 inch razorsharp claws, can leap 6 meters, jump 5 meters, is very agile, can climb trees, is the only cat that likes to swim and also is the only cat that can stand on its hind legs and swipe with both paws (others stand on three legs and maul with one). The most deadly animal, that's why my way of playing is called Tiger.

    Difficulty: Realistic.

    Section: Hunter, or Infiltration.

    I am a Splinter Cell Purist, I was ranked #1 World Wide All Time on Hunter, on G2W Match and GameBattles. Will play with anyone, even if you're bad, at least try your best. Also will teach others if they like, got many tips.
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    Gamertag: Danny41294

    Play Style: Stealth (can also play stealth/action)

    Time Zone: UK

    Difficulty: Any, but mostly just normal.

    Put in you invitation you got me from here.
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    Any competent players out there? GT: johnboyy17. I Need help getting some Achievements and P.E.C. Challenges
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    GT: Jwack3r
    Timezone GMT +1 anytime available
    Stealthy, difficulty realistic, game modes: any
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    my info

    magners jd

    uk time and everyday


    atm its rookie (only had the game 3 days)

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