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    Gamer-tag - Dohloj
    Timezone - GMT + 01:00
    Playstyle - Stealth, i focus alot on shadows, tactical advantage and CQC.
    Difficulty - Preferably Normal, but it doesn't matter too mutch.
    Gametype - Preferably Hunter, but any will do.
    Map - Any, but i don't have the DLC yet.
    Character - I prefer Kestrel, but it does not matter.

    I have a microphone, so i prefer that you would own one too, but it's no requirement. As long as we can communicate. Im looking for a tactical and nice partner to play with. Add me if you wish to have a really fun time!
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    Looking for a partner for co-op. I live on the east coast and Have mic. I got all the downloads. Just need a partner to play with. Send me message if interested!
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    on conviction for 360 now...gt: Real VA Kush2
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    Originally posted by SEAN0fTheDEAD2:
    XBOX 360 GT: RunFreeDIEHARD

    Time Zone: Eastern, i check Xbox.com often so if you message me. I'll get back to you.

    Play Style: Stealth/hand kills. I try not to use a gun.

    Difficulty: Easy and or Normal, i prefer normal. I can't really do Realistic. I have technical difficulties...

    I like to play Hunter as Archer. I like to play smart, use the shadows and tactics. I try not to use a weapon or any gadgets but sometimes it's needed. I have all the DLC and the Third Echelon map provided by Gamespot.com. Splinter Cell has always been my favorite game, i'm only in it to have fun, not a competition to get kills so if your interested. Message me and i'll get back to you.
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    Hello everyone I am looking for a co op partner to play anytime. Hit me up on xbox my gamer tag is Kasbek. Thanks bye
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    I prefer infiltration and Co-op.

    I have a mic. We can communicate in english, russian, or polish. my skype nick slawekj2389.
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    I don't know if my game is 'linked' or not but I'll give it a try.

    I don't use any chat/mic things

    console: if that matters, mac

    gt: Searean

    tz: we'll work it out

    game play: stealth but i don't mind open fire, I use the silent Five Seven (is that what its called?)

    difficulty: rookie-normal-reallisic :P

    Main story.

    Send invite
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    hi everyone,

    i'm loking for someone to play SCC multiplayer

    Gametag: J_joel_l
    GMT: 0
    Gameplay: stealthy or action
    DIficult: any

    Just send a friend invitation
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    Anyone got pc version in aus?
    I'm on pretty much all the time.

    My Gamertag is: chowchow1995

    Time zone: AEST

    Ill play any difficulty and any style.

    Please respond i'm bored of connection failing because of the distance of the other player!
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