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    During the war the Japanese government awarded Samurai Swords to individuals as decorations/awards for their wartime accomplishements.

    Some foreigners were awarded the swords as well.
    Three Germans received Samurai Swords.

    Name the Germans, and tell why they were awarded them.
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    Only three Germans were honored with awards of Samurai swords by Hirohito during World War II, Hermann Goring, Erwin Rommel, and Bernhard Rogge.

    The reasons for the awards to Goring and Rommel seem pretty obvious, the one being head of the Luftwaffe and the other of the Afrika Korps. But why Rogge?

    Rogge was the captain of the raider Atlantis. And therein lies a tale.

    It seems that on 11 November 1940, Atlantis intercepted the British steamer Automedon off the Nicobar Islands, in the Indian Ocean. Along with sundry other loot, the raider came away with a copy of the minutes of a meeting of the British War Cabinet dated 8 August 1940 and an 87-page secret report by the Chief of the Imperial Staff concerning British plans for the defense of Singapore and the Far East, which Hitler very thoughtfully passed on to his €œhonorary Aryan€ allies

    ok, I cheated

    Nice info, thx Waldo!!
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    **** Internet!

    Still it is interesting to see how historu can be influenced by little things like this which are huge.

    Oh and Rogge survived the war.. making him the only German to receive a Samurai Sword from Japan and live.
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    You were right! I am proud. Good question too.
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