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    One day Oleg will reach this level of detail in his sims, on a not distant future (aprox. 3-5 years).

    The guy who made these 3D models is from Japan. He goes by the name of Tochy. I do remember his great "1942" and "1945" CGI films. I really like "1945" but needs a better voice over than the synthesised one he uses. Maybe I can suggest that to him.

    Here are some of his CGI models he used, these are all done with "Lightwave" and they are not plastic models :

    Mitsubishi J2M3 "Jack"

    Chance-Vought F4U "Corsair"

    Messerschmitt Bf109G-10 "Gustaf"

    NORTH AMERICAN P-51D "Mustang"

    Nakajima Ki-84 "Frank"

    GRUMMAN F4F-3 "WildCat"

    Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zeke" Type21

    Mitsubishi F1M2 "Pete" Observation Seaplane

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    In terms of modeling, we're not that far off. I suspect BoB has the necessary poly limits to be very close to those. Whats the big difference between renders and whats in game right now? Its the lighting complexity and surfaces. I have no idea what Oleg plans for BoB but things like better lighting rendering and that sort of thing, the stuff that you really need the new cards for, are going to make the difference.

    Already IL2 has a good system for lighting. It produces some very realistic images....it can get better and new technology in this sort of area for real time light rendering will be huge.
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    Nice models. What would be more important, though, is getting the 151/20 correct

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    I think its already here. We just dont have the home computers that can handle the graphics.
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    Actually, when everyone can afford the "dual" FX6800GT PCIE-SLI with a nvidia SLI board- twice the bandwidth of a single card...or better yet, get the dual 6800 ultras. home PCs can just about do it now..just need money.
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    I hope I'm not alone in thinking that the future of flight sims doesn't lie exclusively w/ extra polygons and more shades.

    How about a DM that tracks each bullet/shell along it's entire trajectory, including how it penetrates armor, or bounces around an engine.

    How about a FM that takes into account all atmospheric variables and how each effects every surface of your ride (including those holes your enemy just put in your wing).

    How about an AI system that includes fatigue, aggression, fear, morale, and enough 'style' variables so that each encounter is unique.

    How about a game engine that can handle all of the above in a 500 AC multiplayer game running as smoothly as if your offline flying by yourself.

    these are my pipe dreams.
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    How about a Cray to run it?
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    That will be the time... to visit Playboy website!
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    I remember cruising down 14th st. in Washington DC yelling "Got that pipe!"

    Wait, we were talikng about pipe dreams.. Oops, sorry.
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    You'll need a room full of computers that uses parallel computing to accomplish that as well as everyone else you play with. This would require a lot of raycasting computations as well as material science data, ballistic data not to mention meteorological weather computations with thermodynamics factored in. Don't forget you have to literally model the engine as well, meaning every crankshaft and every oil and linkage will need to be running as well to make it quite realistic as you want. A cray will not be enough maybe a 100X the power of Deep Blue. By then maybe it would be cheaper to actually build a real WWII plane using stereolithography with remote milling machines that creates the parts for you snd ship those by FEDEX and you ask 'Alice-the maid' to assemble it and make it fit in your briefcase

    'He who still wants a flying car and wonders when the future will come??!!!'
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