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    Oleg playing MSFS
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    Could it work the same as the Mistel? In fact, how does the Mistel work, I ain't never used it.

    That was interesting in the link - to paraphrase "it was an acoustic proximity warhead tuned to the sound of the B-17's engines"

    So it's only useful for attacking B-17s - which would seem to have no place in the VVS46 scenario, the western allies having mysteriously dissappeared. Or would it be assumed that they could be tuned to other engines noises - IL10's presumably.

    In fact, what would be the reason for the LW and the VVS to be still fighting in 1946? Have the decadent capitalists treacherously given up the fight? (whilst still selling the Soviets jet engines)
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    Wasn't too difficult
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