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    Yep, so I can get a deal on a TrackIR2, way below TrackIR3 Pro's price.

    Can I still enjoy the head tracking features with only a TrackIR2 version?

    Are glasses a problem with TrackIR2? I know version 3 doesn't have much problems.

    Any current TrackIR2 users that could comment on how they like their toy?

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    I went from a TIR2 to a TIR3Pro and yes there is a difference however thats not to say its so huge that you won't enjoy the TIR2. It's a great unit and with the newer software you can easily adjust it to your liking.

    The only thing that would really prevent me from purchasing the TIR2 is the fact it doesn't support Vector. The vector expansion only works on TIR3 and above.

    My suggestion is that the price tag for the TIR3 should be close enough to the TIR2.

    If you don't know what Vector is go to www.naturalpoint.com and take a look.

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    Go for the TrackIR3 Pro if you can ... you will not be sorry for spending the extra bucks.

    Also later I would add the Vector Expansion too.

    I would suggest you do a search on this topic .... there are many and well worth the time to read....
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    my understanding of the creation of the trackir3 (please feel free to correct me with better info):

    Natural point could no longer get the sensors/emmitters for the trackir2, so they went looking and found better ones, cheaper! These sensors opened the door to further development too.

    So the trackir3 was born out of necessity, and turned out to be a much nicer product. it has multiple sensors in it, so it triangulates the reflector, for better tracking.

    Trackir2's work fine, but cannot do the triangluation of the trackir3, so no vector expansion for them. No future proofing there.

    Glasses are no problem for either, and I have used my glasses with an original trackir and a 3.

    I think it would be a false economy to buy a tir2.
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    Got my 2 for 50 bucks. I'm happy.
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    Even before I got my TIR3 Pro I was happy
    (And I still am with it)
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    What Scen and Womenfly said. Get the TIR3! Mine came last Friday. I have spent every free moment since in the game (trying out some of the several hundred missions I have saved) instead of spending gobs of time in the FMB building them. TIR3 truly ROCKS!
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    I have both TIR2 and TIR3 Pro. There is very little difference between the two in this game, with the main difference (that I can see)is that TIR2 seems less fussy about the dot. With TIR3 I have to put the track hat on and precisely place the unit just so, otherwise it loses track of my movements. Kind of a pain. With TIR2, I put the hat on and I was in business.

    The vector expansion is cool but not usable in IL2. I reinstalled CFS 3 to try it out, and maybe looking forward to BoB it's a worthwhile choice, but if you can get TIR2 at a really cheap price, I would go for it. BoB won't be out for 2 years anyway, and you might be wealthy by then.
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    I've got TIR2. It works fine. The only drawback is I have to be careful about background light. in near dark is best and you have to watch out for reflections coming from behind that can confuse the sensor. Apparently TIR3 has better background light rejection.
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    I got the TrackIr 2 last summer because it was cheap. It works great for me and was worth the savings. I didn't know of "vector" back then so it wasn't an option.

    My glasses do present a problem when I tilt my head up high. So, I have to play with my contact lenses "installed".

    Is this specific to number 2? I don't know. Will number 3 not have this problem? I don't know.

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