Itís been known for some time that some members in the community have very strong feelings about the new direction Splinter Cell has taken in its most recent release of Conviction. Opinions vary for and against the new direction but itís very clear regardless of which side of the fence you sit some feel very strongly.

The feedback you post here is of great importance to us and helps managers like me compile reports which are passed onto management and the developers.

However itís become increasingly clear as time has gone on that the strength of feeling many of you have about the game is creating tension within the forums and between some members.

While we encourage posting of feedback on the forums we do ask that all members post their feedback constructively and within the rules, by this we mean members should not insult another member simply because they hold a differing opinion. Thereís a great deal to be said for agreeing to disagree.

While the forums are managed by staff and moderators itís not always possible to keep track of everything going on, especially when the boards are as busy as the Splinter Cell community currently is.

The forums have a report system which is essential in helping us to keep on top of any issues within the forums.

If you feel any one or more members are posting insults or belittling other members (or breaching the rules in any other way) we would ask that you use the report system to ensure we are aware of these issues.

You can report a post by using the report icon found in the bottom right hand corner of any post. When submitting a report please state clearly the reasons you feel the post is not appropriate.

If you see a post in breach of the rules DO NOT RESPOND TO IT! Ė anyone entering into an argument will be equally subject to warning/ suspension as appropriate no matter who started it.

In addition members are welcome to contact me directly in Private Topic with any concerns you may have. All such private conversations are private and will be treated with the upmost confidentiality.

Sadly some of these disagreements have recently reached a stage which is no longer acceptable and as such we will be taking any reports very seriously and responding with zero tolerance on any abuse between members.

Anyone found posting insults, belittling, offending, breaching the rules will be dealt with. Warnings will be issued and where these are ignored members will be suspended without further notice.

Please help us to help you by reviewing the forum rules, ensure your posts are within the rules and where you see another breaching the rules REPORT IT!