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    hi i just got il2 and would like to know is the better with a joystick or without thx
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    hi i just got il2 and would like to know is the better with a joystick or without thx
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    Welcome to the madhouse.

    Certainly better with a joystick - if you can run to it get youself a throttle and stick combo, the Saitek X-45 is very popular and available at a good price, now it's been superceeded. Find a post by Tully and click on his links - he's the Godfather of HOTAS round here.
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    Better with joystick. In fact you need one.

    I started out with just keyboard, and worse, a Trident Video integrated motherboard grafix. Because of lack of gaming grafix and LACK OF JOYSTICK, I spent most of my "simming" time learning Full Mission Builder. Perhaps it was a good thing, although I am a poor pilot and worse shot, I have become Ace Mission Sculptor.

    Best WW2 simming joystick is found only at WalMarts. Its only 20$ and called Saitek Cyborg Graphite (not the yellow one, the black one). Its the most massive stick made, with the most massive base, has the largest stick top movement distance side to side and forward-back (6 inches travel). It has the largest and most smooth functioning buttons of any joystick--but only three of them (not good for F4 or LOMAC simming), and the largest throttle made for any joystick. Best, it comes with no software so just plug and play. Its rugged but very simple ... like a real WW2 control stick. The Hat Switches I map to other uses, converting them to extra buttons, since I use Mouse to look around the sky.

    Wellcome to Forgotten Board
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    thx you guys i will go out and buy one soon
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    Another vote for better with a joystick. Since I first got into simming about ten years ago I've had quite a collection of sticks but my favorite by far has been my most recent aquistion. The X-52 is the best joystick I've ever owned. Its a little pricy but it can handle an unbelievable number of features, is very well layed out, and is the most accurate stick I've had. The CH products are better but the X-52 is a good value in my opinion.
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    Definitely get a joystick. If budget is tight, go for a Saitek Evo or Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro as a minimum, otherwise go for broke. More info can be had by clicking the "Joysticks..." link under my signature picture.
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    I reckon it's time that a new joystick hit the market.One similar to the CH, but smooth about the center instead of clunky at the change from roll to pitch.
    D@mn I'd buy 3 or 4.

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    A tip is to avoid Logitech sticks. they have a reputation to fail after a few months.
    I had a few and the best lasted 8 months.
    Same with my brothers logitech and several friends sticks aswell.

    I've heard that saitek cyborg sticks last longer than logitech and are fairly cheap.
    I can't confirm that though but that is what i've read in forums.

    My impression is that thrustmaster and saitek products are the most respected.
    Thrustmasters better sticks are expensive but very sturdy and have a reputation to last many years.

    well, my thoughts
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    I am about to go out and spend $450 Australian on a complete CH products set-up.

    Sounds crazy? Nah!
    I have finally found a hobby that encompasses my love of WW2 history, general aviation and computer games all in one package.

    A joystick is a necessity. A joystick and throttle are almost mandatory. A joystick, throttle and rudder pedals are for those who are seriously into flying and a joystick, throttle, rudder pedals and Track-IR are for those people who have turned this into a compulsion.

    Can't wait until my Track IR arrives.....
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