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    new user here. I've installed FB,AEP, and the merged PF and have no problem playing it. Online is another story. I keep downloading the patch to upgrade it to 3.03 and installing it but everytime I've finished installing it I try to play online. Every time I try to join a game it says that I still have version 3.0. Whats up with this?
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    Is it 3.03 or 3.03m because 3.03m is for the merged version which you need. 3.03 is for the stand alone PF players.


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    Ok you problem

    Well you have just met the patch issues, K the one you have 3.03 is the one for the Pacific Fighters on its own version, for the merged version IE FB AEP and PF you need to download and install the 3.03M version, you should be ok to install it over the 3.03 one you have already tried to use.

    I just hope you are not on 56 k
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