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    This is where most of the Fountain of Life is. If there more then tell me.
    "Had I really seen her?" 7%=1 Fountain of Life

    *After the door with the obstacles in front of it, turn left and get onto the
    rubble using the pole. When standing on the rubble, the camera will show you
    a hole. Enter the hole and follow the corridor to the Fountain of Life.
    A Booby-Trapped Courtyard 14%=1 Fountain of Life

    *In the same corner where you found the Sand Field, you'll see a hole in the
    wall, above some soike traps. Wall-Run from the other corner to this gap, then
    enter the gap and follow the corridor.
    Climbing the Tower (21%)=1

    *In the high circular room, just before climb a ladder, run over the wall with
    the saw in it, and enter the hole in the wall on the other side.
    Above the Baths (33%)=1

    *After getting your new sword, smash through the cracked door. In the next
    corridor, look for a part of the wall on your right that has a slightly
    different color. Smash this wall, and enter the corridor behind it.
    "I'll meet you at the baths" (52%)=1

    *After Wall-Running over the closing gate, you get to the exit door. In the room
    with the switch that opens the exit door (a floor switch with a golden symbol),
    you can smash open one of the walls to reveal the corridor that leads to the
    An Underground Reservoir (60%)=1

    *While hanging on the rope that leads out of the well (a bright light will shine
    from the top), swing to the doorway. In this corridor, use the poles to cross
    the pit, and get onto the higher ledge at the end. Smash the wall on this ledge
    to find the path to the Fountain.
    The Hall of Learning (67%)=1

    *When you see a wall with 2 pairs of saws moving up and down, run over it. On
    the platform with the blue crystal, smash the back wall to find the Fountain.
    A Prisoner seeking an Escape (79%)=1

    *When you go through the door that leads out of the first room, you'll be in a
    corridor with some horizontally moving blades. On your right side, there's a
    wall with a slightly different color. Smash it to reveal the Fountain.
    "At last we're here!" (81%)=1

    *Just before you enter the elevator room, there will be a wall that's slightly
    off-colour to your right. Smash it and follow the corridor.
    "Farah, come back!" (90%)=1 (Last 1 I think)

    *From the save-point, head right, and hang from the ledge here. Follow the
    path of rims until you arrive in a room. Go through the door for your last
    Fountain. When you're back, pull the lever and Wall-Jump off the trapdoor
    to get back up.
    Sand Clouds:
    Scroll down and you see a better 1. \/\/\/\/
    I couldnt copy and paste it, some error.

    *This Faqs was made by me though, I got this from Persiagirl link which was by Persia_prince. So thanks to him. I too tired to type anything .

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    Thanks, I probaly edit this and make a Clouds location jsut below my original post.

    They Just Wont Die!!!
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    Actually, I think you got them all - I heard that there are ten fountains in the game.

    I think there are supposed to be enough sand clouds for you to get ten sand tanks on your dagger, but so far I've only gotten enough for about eight and a half. Please make a sand cloud guide soon!

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    I just replay the games, Woot spring break, abd u got all the sand cloud i know written on this peaice of paper and i too tired to type right now so later tonight.

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong:
    We get the dagger with 3 sand tanks, right?
    There are enough sand clouds refered here to make another 5. So, one could end up with 8 sand tanks, like QueenHex said.
    I finnish the game with 10, on that, I'm sure. So, there are more than these, I think.

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    Every 16 retrieves you create a new tank....that means, I believe that you also get for the creatures you kill to. will check again.

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    Every 16 retrieves from sand creatures create a Power Tank. Every 8 sand clouds retrieved create a Sand Tank.

    O que é um alentejano no meio de um campo de cereais com uma metralhadora na mão?... Ó° um cereal killer!
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    I think that right.

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    I am certain that there are 10 Sand Tanks max cos even though I've only ever reached 9 thus far, a 10th tank is clearly being created through my retrievals. I get to 7 retrievals and then I can't find any more sand clouds - so obviously I've missed one. Just wish I knew where the heck it was! Grr... (although I'm guessing that the one the Prince runs to just before he falls into the prison section is not a valid sandcloud? Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means...)
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