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    i just got the myst 3 exile dvd version for mac. i installed it and when i tried playing it and it said the disk wasnt in the drive so i uninstalled it and installed it again. it still gave me the same answer and the disk was in the drive. help please!
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    I'm betting it's just a simple case-sensitivity issue.

    1. Do a full install.
    2. Create a folder named "Exile DVD" in your Myst III folder.
    3. Rename the "Data" folder to "data"
    4. Put it into the Exile DVD folder.
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    Hey I'm having the same problem. Followed install instructions and it keeps stating to put the disc in when it is already in! I even popped the disc out and waited for the prompt. I then put the disc in and it still does not recognize it.
    I have an old desktop that I'm trying to play myst on but it keeps freezing up. Thought I'd try this game on my mac.
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