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    I really need some help. I run a P4, 2.4GHz with 512meg RAM and a leadtek A310 256meg video card.

    All was pretty good, but I just couldn't get good fps on perfect settings. Everybody said "Go the Gig, Go the Gig", so I bought another stick of 512meg. The existing one was "ARIA 512MB PC2100". They didn't have PC2100 at the store, but the bloke told me adding "Legend DDR 400OEM 512MB" would be OK.

    Now my game just locks in a pixelated screen and even when I remove the new RAM, I can no longer play the game. the system just freezes solid with a very coarse type pixel setup and I have to manually re-boot the system

    I could really do with some helpful advice at the moment

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    Strewth m8 that sounds bad fair dinkum.
    Wish I could help,have you tried removing then replacing the old memory,also try swapping slots
    that sometimes makes a difference.Hope you get it
    sorted cobber,if not return it and tellem to put it where the sun don't shine.
    Try tech support, page link at top of forum front page.
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    Take this to the community help forum. Run a dxdiag and then paste the readout into your post. Someone will pick it up, be sure.
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    "The bloke" at best failed to give you the correct service and advice -at worse he is an idiot.

    Did he/you check your motherboard manual or motherboard manufacturers website to check that new memory is on approved parts list? Is your motherboard capable of running 400DDR ?

    When you installed it did you check the memory timings in your BIOS to make sure they were set correctly or did you just fit new memory and reboot?

    Some motherboards are very picky about memory types- if you get it wrong then it wont work

    If not on approved parts list return new memory to store and get your money back- he has sold you goods that are not fit for purpose.

    Never try to pair two sticks that are different specifications- it wont work-

    Buy your memory from crucial.com they have a compatability guide that will ensure you get correct for your motherboard.

    OK rant over here is some practicle advice -
    first get your motherboard manual and find out how to boot into bios and how to set up your memory timmings- look under frequency/voltage control if there.
    set to automatic if not there already.

    dowload and run this program .

    If your new memory is approved then run the program with each stick individually to check each out. DO not run together there is no point you will have to get rid of one and buy a correct match for one you are keeping. If new memory reports faults then return it.
    If both sticks report faults then you should again have another word with the bloke and hopefully he will replace both with matching set fit for your motherboard.
    You may be out of luck however if you did not set up your bios correctly on rebooting and you subjected your sticks to incorrect timmings. Or he might claim you mishandled the memory when fitting

    good luck
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    Rarely listen to a computer store salesperson. I know....I work at one. There's only a few guys on the sales staff that actually know what they are talking about. I suspect thats the same everywhere.

    I'd take that memory back. Order up another PC2100 stick and see if thats going to work. Check your motherboard for the proper specifications...you may need to use single sided sticks or double sided sticks. Dell's are particularly nasty about that.
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    Only two cards run on perfect and they are listed in your manuel in game folder
    Yours not one of them turn off perfect i have ati 9600 with 265 memery and 2000ddr ram and same p4 and it freezes up if perfect is on
    and make sure cards are same for memery pc no like.
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    Thanks fellas.

    Me and my box of little bits are going down to pay them a visit and resolve this issue.
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