View Poll Results: Ok so which of the following is the single best fighter for scoring cheap kills that will get you r

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  • Me-262

    7 21.21%
  • He-162

    2 6.06%
  • Me-163

    5 15.15%
  • YP-80

    3 9.09%
  • La-7

    16 48.48%
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    I find your lack of Ki-84 disturbing.

    Edit : not that i condone whining on anyone's plane. Fly whatever the hell you want. But you're asking planes that are likely to get you flamed for getting kills in them, so ignoring the Ki-84 is simply not right
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    yea it would have to be the C model KI

    awesome guns

    reasonable turn

    great climb

    can we all stop hosting DF servers with it enabled now plz ?

    the B model KI is MORE than enough for KI fans
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    but out of all the planes it would have to be one actually in the POLL's list

    the Me163 Komet

    just insane performance
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    I agree that the Me-163 is the best of them. There isn't much anyone can do to you when you can climb from 500 to 10,000m in under 3 minutes. That fritz the fox cartoon about the Me-163 appearently wasn't as exaggerated as I thought it was . As for the Ki-84, I considered putting that in but the La-7 3xB20 is significantly faster, climbs just as well and is also very well armed. The Ki-84 can outturn the La-7 but the La-7 holds all the other advantages. Also, the Yak-3 and other ruskie birds can soundly outturn the Ki-84. So in a multi-plane furball with mixed plane types the La-7 is the clear winner. Admittedly the Ki-84B and C come close to being as cheap as the La-7 3xB20, but they still fall a little short do to inferior speed. I don't know why the Me-262 comes up as the cheapest, it is possibly the most difficult plane to fly of the ones I listed and it is slower, less manueverable and climbs slower than the other jets listed.

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    I very seldom fly those Uber-I-have-a-big-rocket-in-my-arse-so-I-can-fly-faster-than-you planes.
    But when asked the Me 163 is the best, because it flies so steady that you can line up on the enemy going 900 km/h and down him with one or two shots, doesn't matter that the recoil is horrible 'cause you only need one hit most of the time.

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    The new stuka is a killer with that big bomb under its belly - can kill 2-3 planes on the ground in one sortie...



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    You missed a few.
    Maybe next time

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    I`m not really a big shot plane fan myself. Just too much big jet (uber stuff going on) But I guess it`d have to be the LA7...
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