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Is an possibility to get another unique reedem code with 5 special bonuses?

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    Hello, I bought a Codex edition ACB, but i have big problem with code. Inside case with game ACB is small card with special reedem code. When I removed slim escutcheon plate, my code was damaged and i cant read it. Some kind of sign is missing. I dont know what to do. Is any possibility do get another code? I really want special 2 solo missions, 2 multiplayer characters and 1 armor ror Ezio. Please help me. 8-(

    P.S. Sorry for my basic english, I hope you understand me. Im from Czech Republic.
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    sorry man already ask ubisoft about getting another code or even sharing one with my brother since we bought the codex together and they sent me an email back saying sorry we can't, all codes are unique to the disc it game in and no more was made so if all the codes are sold out or you lost yours sorry there isn't any more and theres nothing we can do (not direct qoute) so your in the same boat as me (hope it gets crowded cause if we sink someones gonna have to help us, wink,wink)
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    I can see only 16 signs, how many signs is on the card? Couldnt Ubisoft tell me remaining signs? I think they could it right ? I dont need a new code, only remaining signs. 8-(
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    those are all the letters you need just go to the assassins creed game and enter them in
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    What? 16 letters are all? I dont get it, it doesnt work it. 8-(
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    Originally posted by EifelCZ:
    What? 16 letters are all? I dont get it, it doesnt work it. 8-(
    Have you tried putting in the dashes (-) as well. If I remember correctly, my special edition version (not Codex) had dashes which had to be added.

    i.e. if the code is:


    That's exactly what you type

    Don't type it like this:


    Hope you resolve your problem.
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    I can see only 16 letters, i tried to write with dashes, but problem still exist.
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    Ok so launch your game and from the main menu select exclusive content and input your code but do it like this and replace the A with your code and actually enter the dashes


    You must have 19 characters if you only have 16 you are missing 3
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    I understand you, but I cant put 19 letters, when i dont have 19 letters, only 16. My reedem code was damagaed when I removed slim escutcheon plate. I need from Ubisoft, remaining 3 letters. Can Ubisoft send me, this same code, but completely ?
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    perhaps it is possible try sending them 16 letters of your code and say you need the other 3 as your code leaflet got damadged...
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