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    A few squadrons should create, and/or buy a dedicated TeamSpeak server, for the Squadrons to use.

    If a Voice Server host, like:


    From info on:

    A dedicated voice server would only cost each user pennies per month.

    May of us use out own computer,, some ona network with a cable connection to run oiur Squad servers. if a rented professional Voice Server was rented, the Squads that particiapte wiuld have excellent comminication 24/7.
    I have proposed this int he [past, and got no-where. The price hasn't been better, and the service has never been better. I am not pushing any particualr server, or host. I have no stake in any whatso-ever. I just really liek the idea, of my squad and others having a dedicated voice server 24/7.

    And to Boot: with a few squads chipping in, the cost would be only a few pennies per month for each member of the Squad (Squad that participates).

    Note: It is possible for players not a member of any squad to also participate. As this is just an idea/proposal tot he IL2 community.
    Your thoughts??
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    First of all, what are the prices? It's not clear unless you create an account and then start adding stuff to your cart.

    Secondly, what's so hard about setting up a PC to be a dedicated voice server? One of the long-lost original squads for IL2 always had a dedicated box up. Really not that hard to do.

    Overall, this seems like a commercial plug IMO.
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    you are not listening..
    many of us do have dedicated servers, on our networks, home computers, with cable connections..

    but a dedicated server on a hosting service is what the thread is about.. if you don't care about it, move along..
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    If you can take a break from your condescension and outline the 'pennies a day' prices you're talking about, that would be helpful. See I looked into what you're pushing and without registering I can't seem to get a price quote.

    Thanks, and yes, it still seems like a plug.
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    Is there anyway to ban a moron that doesn't like a thread but won't stay out?

    I am not pushing a ****ed thing, and If I were you I wouldn't keep harassing others..
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    Why can't you just outline the prices? I'm just asking you to back up something you're saying is good since the data isn't readily available.

    Just because you don't like what I have to say doesn't mean I need to be banned.

    I was in a squad in the past. Money to cover the site was hard enough for squaddies to fork out for various reasons, even if they had the money some couldn't pay by paypal, couldn't be bothered to send a cheque, etc etc.

    Furthermore, a squad would generally prefer to have a private server, and what you're suggesting implies that the community would share one. Somewhat defeats the purpose.

    I'm all for voice comms in game, I'm just not seeing the benefit of paying for a dedicated one if I can throw up a spare PC as one instead.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RamsteinUSA:
    Is there anyway to ban a moron that doesn't like a thread but won't stay out?

    I am not pushing a ****ed thing, and If I were you I wouldn't keep harassing others.. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    No but I can find a way to issue a 3 day ban to a poster with a great void between his ears and a penchant for calling names.... who has yet to make a valid point other than pointing out a need for something like this..... which is obvious..... Wanna see?

    Keep it up....... Now state your case.... clearly and maybe you will get some decent answers. In the mean time loose the tude or go on vacation for a few days.. your choice....
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    i am out here. had enough...
    can't even have a discussion...
    have fun..
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    Nice One Bearcat
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    I will tell you how the stuff is like on "Wild East" in Czech Republic.

    Two squads have gone together and made one TS server by one of the squad. The TS is available for flying on both dedicated servers and for COOPs of regular users. It has gone to a point, when it is a gathering place for Czech flyboys.
    The server is on an academic net, means for free.

    There are many ways how to get a suitable connection and/or machine for TS server. No need to pay for it.

    BTW those few pennies for ordinary American might be 1 week salary here. Thats why we do it cheaper way.


    Asfatovi Holubi (Asphalt Discs/Clay Pigeons))
    Running CZ_AH_Dedicated, merely-full-real server (some icons and speedbar) 24/7 on HL, FBD powered

    White Tigers
    Running WT_Dedicated, almost-full-real server (minimap position only) 24/7 on HL and ASE, GennadichSC powered with stats.
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