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    you must AMD because is more fast CPU
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    Hyperthreading gains are minimal when compared to true dual core. So if you can diminish the silicon in a core to make it cheaper and put more of cores in a chip.. you gain much more than by logical multiprocessing.

    in HT only units inside processor that are not being used can execute code of another thread. But even single thread code can execute in PARALLEL with itself in modern x86 processors. Your FPU units, ALU and Integer units can operate in parallel as long as onde does not require the results of the other to start current instruction.

    So a VERY well written program.. made to make use of full capacity of you CPU on a single Thread,will gain ALMOST NOTHING with hyper threading spyera . (You could make a program to gain even 40% with HT... but you can gain same performaance just by making its single therad use your CPU fully). My physics engine gains 1.15% on performance when running with HT on... not much by the extra money you pay on it.

    In other words, when Dual..or quad cores become common.. HT will be just waste of silicon that could otherwise be used to add an extra core.

    AMD have more cores
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