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    I just bought Pacific Fighters yesturday and installed it stand alone. Now the problem is when I go to start the game it says insert correct CD. The CD in the drive is number two! So I try disk one and it does the same thing. I just D/L the 4.01 patch and it still does the same thing.
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    Hello Daniel,

    This is a known issue that is covered by a 'sticky' on the Community Help/Technical Forum. I believe it is also quite easy to fix.

    Based on feedback I have seen here, I think you can also contact the folks at Ubi Support and they will be glad to get you fixed right up.

    If memory serves me correctly the fix involves nothing more than a simple
    file swap-out.
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    Why is this not stickied? I had the same problem when I first attempted to run Pacific Fighters.
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