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    Which is the best monitor 19", 20" or 21" that I can buy?
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    Which is the best monitor 19", 20" or 21" that I can buy?
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    If you have a fat credit limit or a wad of cash, the skys the limit. I'm no expert, but I am using a 17" CRT monitor, Philips with a semi-flat screen. It has a 3 year warranty and I'm dead happy with it. Paid US$ 125.00 (equivalent) for it.

    I have seen guys playing high end games with high end graphics cards on LCD/TFT monitors. They look sexy, but I'm not impressed with their performance.

    Happy shopping!
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    If not the best, pretty dang good
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    I use a 21'' SONY GDM F520 (Trinitron) monitor that is really good.
    Apart from high picture quality I can connect 2 PC's to it and switch between them with a push of a button. It has a USB hub feature on the right side (nice for connecting up to 3 USB units).
    The monitor connects to the PC(s) either through BNC cable (which I use) or 'normal' connector. The monitor's setup menu has a lot of easily configured features.

    I also have my PC connected to a 19'' Hitachi CM769ET, but it's clearly not as good as my SONY.
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    I happen to like CRTs for high refresh rates. I have a 22" NEC FP2141SB which will take anything any video card can throw at it at very high resolutions and refresh rates.
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    Look at Viewsonic's professional CRT line also.
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    This ( http://www.ubid.com/Category/Listing.aspx?CatID=1322 ) has GOT to be one the best places to get refurbished large screen monitors. Most come with some sort of warranty, some with a 1 year! Most also have free shipping, which is awsome when you think about how much a 21" CRT weighs. I currently have an older 19" Sony G400 but I'm planning on a 21-22" Sony or NEC from here.
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