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    What do we need from Oleg's pantry?

    1. SBDs and F4Fs off a jeep carrier? Got 'em ((okay, maybe not Sanagamon class, but Casablanca is pretty close).

    2. French fighter opposition? Got 'em from AEP. (okay, Moranes, not Dewotines, but close.)

    3. P-40s taking off from the Chenango (CVE-29)into the airfield at Port Layutey? Currently doable.

    4. French destroyers sortieing from Oran and attacking the Allied battle fleet, driven back by cruiser gunfire and naval air? Check.

    5. Seafires and Sea Hurricanes off HMS Furious? Real possibility.

    6. A desert map? In the fridge.

    Wildcats strafing the beach at Safi.
    SBDs bombing the Casbah ("Kalil won't like it..") USAAF Mark V Spits crossing the Med from Gibraltar. And for the skinheads, those cool yellow surrounds around the US star.

    A full campaign? A one-day mini campaign? What's not to like. Opinions?
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    I am about done with El Alamein...Tunisia is the last big Hurra in N. Africa.

    I say go for it!
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    Don't foget the French Hawk's
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    Sounds like fun. I'd fly it!
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