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    Hi guy just to keep it short:

    Another add-on for multiplayer, called RECON.

    You pick a plane and select loadout RECON.
    When you have recon you can trigger a camera (by aiming with your revi or whatever they will use for aiming, depending on the plane).

    This will create one or two screenshots, which will be converted to B/W pictures (for low bandwidth and for adding immersion).
    If this plane manages to land on it's home base, this pictures could be send to the server and added to the mission briefing, where the pciture could have an information like "taken at 9:30 at sector N12 while heading 35â?".

    For big multiplayer maps where people often can't find targets etc. this owuld be way cool.
    Of course one should reward this player with 200 points AND if the target is destroyed afterwards with addition 100 points".

    Of course iwth the cameras comes a disadvantage. Most recon-planes were heavier or less well armed but I am missing the occasional Spitfire or Lightning doing a recon-flight over france or some BF110 searching russian tank formations..

    Since the screenshot feature (although producing lag like hell) is already in AND it's possible to upload skins, I think the basic features are present.

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    Had been thinking of a similar idea myself.

    Epescially since there is some good examples of P-51 or Spitfire photo rece birds. The FR XIV which was fully armed could also take shots.

    Its done out the side or bottom BTW...not out the front through the gunsight.

    Still, awesome idea.
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    i like the idea Gotcha,
    espacially if this could be somehow implemented in Co-ops.
    so before the mission starts someone or all players from one side has to recon targets or spot planes so a briefing with target ID will come up for the next mission ,but maybe this would be better for online campaigns
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    unarmed recon planes where faster mostly, often carried alot of fuel tho
    iirec spits had guns removed, filled in holes, bigger oil tank, and a sleaker canopy
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    I made a proposal around the year 2000 to implement recon cameras in Il-2 and repeated it once since. It was not feasible then (do to the youth of the project). I am hopeing for realistics recon missions and cameras in BOB.

    For more information you can see my proposal about transport/recon/night and anti-shipping modeling a bit further down in this forum.

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    That is a pretty nice idea.
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    This is something that really should be in the game already!!

    Online flying allways gets down to one big dogfight. If you take a bomber and attack enemy field, you end up yeld at as a vulcher...Its like you had done some real bad .

    We need more RL issues in the game like recce and transport flights, with points given for mission accomplished.

    Some thirdpart scripting have been done to meet these kind of desires, but the fact remains that 1C seem to have their opinion set - onliners are archaders!! .

    Sad to say...most of them are .
    But still there are lots of onliners that surely would try some kind of interaction to achieve server mission goals.

    More brains in online gaming is needed to make IL-2 a true combat simulator.

    As fun it is to DF as boring it is not to have real options to it .
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